Temporary Structure Rental

When you need additional space, Sunbelt Rentals offers custom designed and engineered structures for all types of commercial and industrial projects. Skip the complicated DIY set-up of flimsy tents – Sunbelt Rentals’ knowledgeable and experienced team is available for your on-demand structure needs from start to finish. We offer installation, relocation, removal, maintenance, and repair services for our full range of products.

A temporary structure being erected by workers using three aerial platforms.
Scalable and modular fabric tension structures

When you need more space fast, Sunbelt Rentals has you covered. Our structures are designed to provide sound structural integrity with more safety benefits and usable floor space than traditional tents. From warehouses to canteens and fabrication shops, we can mobilize quickly to ensure business continuity amid changing demand, supply-chain disruptions, scheduled renovations, and other delays.

Plus, our aluminum box beam framework makes it easy to install optional accessory items, from retractable doors and portable flooring to insulated steel sides and ventilation systems. No matter the size, location or duration of your project, Sunbelt Rentals is well-equipped to meet your needs.

Temporary warehouse structures

Avoid the hidden costs and challenges that come with renting space in off-site warehouses. Master your storage needs with our temporary and semi-permanent on-site warehouses.

Construction and military lunch tents

Complete your job-site operations with temporary, on-site accommodation for turnaround personnel. Sunbelt Rentals’ lunch structures can transform any site into a full-service dining facility.

Temporary workforce housing

As a U.S. Government General Services Administration-certified vendor, we specialize in the deployment of temporary housing for military, industrial, and natural disaster relief efforts.

Semi permanent on-site structures

Solve for space constraints by creating locker rooms, meeting spaces and bathrooms, with these semi permanent, on-site facilities that are engineered for nearly any ground surface for optimal comfort.

Equipment and maintenance covers

Protect your people, equipment and site from unexpected weather and damages. Our climate-controlled construction covers ensure nothing gets in the way of your productivity.

Fabric structure for contingency preparedness

For capacity challenges, renovations, and extended maintenance or disaster repairs, our fully-engineered structures can serve as a temporary home base, ensuring service continuity during these transition periods.

Environmental containment structure

Our reliable structures are ideal for enclosed environmental remediation sites to deliver volatile containment, negative air pressure and detox facilities, as well as site security.

Portable aircraft hangar

Temporary aircraft hangars can be constructed to accommodate almost any aircraft. Our structures offer sufficient protection, even in unpredictable weather conditions, so you can feel confident and secure.

Extensive safety certifications

Safety is key to keeping the project on time and on budget while protecting all parties involved. We hold HAZWOPER, TWIC, DISA, OSHA, ISNetworld, and Golden Shovel certifications as well as site-specific credentials.