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A temporary structure being erected by workers using three aerial platforms.

Temporary Structure Rental

When you need additional space, Sunbelt Rentals offers custom designed and engineered structures for all types of commercial and industrial projects. Skip the complicated DIY set-up of flimsy tents – Sunbelt Rentals’ knowledgeable and experienced team is available for your on-demand structure needs from start to finish. We offer installation, relocation, removal, maintenance, and repair services for our full range of products.

Temporary Structure Solutions
Temporary Warehouse Structures

Temporary warehouses can be installed on any surface without a permanent foundation. They're cost-effective storage solutions for businesses, avoiding hidden costs of sub-renting off-site buildings.

Construction & Military Lunch Tents

Suitable for remote work sites and extreme temperatures, these temporary structures provide personnel with a comfortable and safe space to take a break, have lunch, warm up, or cool down on-site.

Environmental Containment Structures

Environmental enclosures help contain volatile substances, provide decontamination facilities, and facilitate detoxification while minimizing the risk of contamination to workers and the environment.

Fabric Structures for Contingency

These fully engineered fabric structures provide a temporary home base for businesses facing capacity challenges, renovations, maintenance, or disasters, ensuring uninterrupted operations.

Temporary Structure Solutions: Highland Park Firehouse

See how our Temporary Structures provided a temporary garage for the Highland Park Fire Department as they underwent construction on their new firehouse. 

Need Space Solutions? Our Temporary Structures Have You Covered

Sunbelt Rentals offers durable temporary structures for commercial and industrial projects. From tough weather conditions to expert support, we cover it all — installation, maintenance, and more. Explore our Temporary Structures equipment offering below.

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