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Industrial and Manufacturing Equipment Rental

Safety, cleanliness and productivity are key components of every successful manufacturing environment. Do you maintain a facility that achieves these goals? Are you able to eliminate workplace hazards that cause accidents or product recalls? Does your equipment take longer than necessary to get back up and running when it goes down? Does your facility meet the highest regulatory agency standards? While these are questions you should be asking yourself, Sunbelt Rentals can help you with the answers.

Manufacturing and industrial equipment solutions

Our rental equipment is an integral part of any strategy that manages your operation’s efficiency, cleanliness and safety. From ride-on floor scrubbers that remove petroleum grime and tire marks to quiet and efficient electric pallet trucks, we’re here to assist in your quest to run a reliable and productive manufacturing facility.

We don’t simply help you maintain an efficient manufacturing facility — we’ll help you build and renovate it. We can supply every piece of equipment you need to get your project up and running, with engineered solutions and onsite setup. Our lineup of industrial manufacturing equipment rentals includes aerial work platforms, air quality and climate control, cranes, forklifts, industrial vehicles, scaffolding and ladders, and much more. 

Product solutions for construction

Keep your facility well maintained inside and out with our lineup of manufacturing equipment rentals. Whether you need to keep things safe and sanitized inside your plant or create an exterior aesthetic that supports your reputation, you’ll find the right tool for every job. Our inventory and expert support cover everything from janitorial services and floor cleaning to HVAC, dehumidifiers and air scrubbers, facility repair and maintenance, lawn and landscape, and vehicles.

Product solutions for facility management

Every facility — especially pharmaceutical or food and beverage manufacturers — needs to be prepared to pass the most stringent inspections. Maintaining a clean and sterile environment is a top priority for manufacturers and producers. Is your facility ready for the white-glove treatment? Our lineup of scrubbers, floor care items, pressure washers and other industrial cleaning equipment will help keep your environment immaculate. 

Product solutions for clean facilities

Rent Tools and Equipment on the Go

Easily find and rent the tools and equipment you need for any project. Plus, save time with delivery, invoice management, and so much more with the new Sunbelt Rentals App.

An array of smartphone screens showing the Sunbelt Rentals app in front of an image of a Sunbelt Rentals retail location.
Why work with us?
Increased productivity

Don’t let harmful airborne particles threaten your operation, workers or machinery. Our facility maintenance rental solutions can help eliminate causes of both worker illness and equipment damage.

Meeting higher standards of clean

Our comprehensive solutions — including air scrubbers with high-performance filtration to remove airborne contaminants — give you a new level of sanitation for your facility.

Delivery and pickup

We deliver and pick up equipment rentals at your convenience, giving you more time for what matters. Regardless of your project, we have what you need with 1,000+ locations, including urgent requests.

The rental advantage

Reduce overhead and cut costs by renting. No matter the work, renting provides job flexibility without the added cost of ownership. Experience 24/7 support and avoid maintaining your own equipment.