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General Tools & Equipment

When you’re taking on a project, no matter how complex, it’s essential that you have access to the right tools for the job. And what are the chances you own every tool you’ll ever need? Sunbelt Rentals has you covered for both industrial and small-scale construction projects. Across North America, we have over 1000+ locations fully stocked with thousands of tools and types of construction equipment to outfit you for any job.

A man wearing a blue safety helmet uses a power tool to cut stone on the front of a large glass facade building.
Equipment solutions

With our extensive mix of power tools and equipment, you can rest assured that all are readily available when you need them. We offer lighting equipment, laser levels, trailers, welders, batteries, demo hammers, and battery-powered tools for industry-specific professionals and jacks-of-all-trades.

Aerial work platforms (AWP)

Sunbelt Rentals offers a wide range of lifts that can accommodate your project needs. Atrium lighting and tree maintenance, for instance, require safe, elevated access. Our lifts can take you to heights of 185 feet, on soft or uneven surfaces. 

Compressed air and air tools

Our portable and towable air compressors, both gas and electric, are ideal for powering the air tools you need in your shop or on your job site. The extensive Sunbelt Rentals line of air tools includes everything you need for construction and/or demolition, from impact wrenches and air post drivers to paving breakers and rivet busters.

Compaction equipment

Our selection of compaction equipment addresses jobs both large (road paving) and small (patio construction), as well as surfaces ranging from soil and clay to gravel and asphalt. Not sure which compactor will do the job? Our team of experts can help.

Concrete and masonry tools

If you’re working with concrete, we provide a comprehensive line of tools and machines that will cover your needs from pouring to polishing. Also for rent is the OSHA-recommended dust protection equipment that prevents exposure to silica dust.

Lawn and landscape

Our expansive variety of lawn and landscaping equipment gives homeowners the tools they need to tackle their weekend project and gives contractors the resources they need to grow their businesses.

Material handling

Whether the load is 100 lbs. or 1,000 lbs., a large appliance, a pallet of sod, or a slab of granite, Sunbelt Rentals has the material handling equipment to help make even the heaviest jobs easier to bear.

Rent tools and equipment on the go with the Sunbelt Rentals app

Easily find and rent the tools and equipment you need for any project. Plus, save time with delivery, invoice management, and so much more with the Sunbelt Rentals App.

Rent with peace of mind

Our Rental Protection Plan (RPP) ensures that when the unexpected happens during a rental period, like theft or accidental damage, you're covered. Although optional, the RPP can cover gaps in insurance coverage and liabilities that aren't big enough to file a claim.

Rent here, train here

Our employees' and customers' safety is more than a priority - it's central to our culture. Our operator training courses will teach you and your team on the skills to work safely and more efficiently while in compliance with OSHA and provincial regulations.