Retail Equipment Rentals

In the retail industry, the customer experience can make your business a success or a failure. That’s what makes maintaining a clean and safe environment for both your clients and employees so crucial — and we have the equipment to help you do it. From creating a retail equipment plan to getting rental advice, Sunbelt Rentals can help your store remain a welcoming and safe destination. No matter what kind of store you own or your location, we have the retailer equipment to get the job done.

Retail equipment solutions

We offer solutions for maintaining all aspects of your store. Our floor care equipment is ideal for cleaning aisles and walkways. As for exterior care, power washers, media blasters and powerful ride-on sweepers will help you maintain a clean storefront and attract customers. We even offer landscape equipment if you have to tend a lawn around your store. Sunbelt Rentals can also provide retail material handling rentals to move and sort your goods.

Keeping your facility appealing is crucial for providing an excellent customer experience. Let our experts help you with all of your maintenance needs, whether they involve power, HVAC, floor cleaning, or lawn and landscaping. Sunbelt Rentals provides retail facility maintenance equipment to assist with all aspects of your store or restaurant, and our experts are available to create a plan that works for your unique needs.

Product solutions for facility maintenance

The safety of your customers and staff should always be a primary concern. Sunbelt Rentals offers comprehensive retail equipment rentals to assist you with installing or updating security measures, including aerial work platforms for placing security systems and electric tools for maintaining lighting fixtures. Our retailer equipment capabilities help keep you and everyone else in your facility safe.

Product solutions for security and safety

Whether it’s a sale, a holiday or a company party, special events can require a lot of preparation and cleanup. For everything from hanging up banners to placing protective ground coverings in the parking lot for blowouts, Sunbelt Rentals can provide the retail equipment rentals you need. From tools to forklifts and material handlers, our solutions make events manageable — no matter the size.

Product solutions for special events

Rent Tools and Equipment on the Go

Easily find and rent the tools and equipment you need for any project. Plus, save time with delivery, invoice management, and so much more with the new Sunbelt Rentals App.

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Why work with us?
Maintain your environment

We have a wide variety of power generation, climate control and facility maintenance machines for your everyday needs, ranging from generators and dehumidifiers to floor buffers.

Presentation is key

Whether you’re a restaurant or consumer packaged goods retailer, Sunbelt Rentals can partner with you to keep your space spotless with a broad range of equipment and tool rentals at the ready.

Reliable performance

It’s critical that your work is done correctly and on schedule while keeping your store appealing to customers. Our solutions, including floor care, help keep your facility clean and well maintained.

Delivery and pickup

We deliver and pick up your rental equipment at your convenience, saving you the time and hassle — and with more than 1,000 locations, we’re never too far for any last-minute requests.