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Climate Control and HVAC Equipment Rentals

As the leading provider of temporary, portable, supplemental, large scale, and emergency cooling, heating, and dehumidification equipment, Sunbelt Rentals can help you with your temperature control and HVAC rental needs for commercial, construction, and industrial requirements.


Our portable and larger packaged cooling and heating systems, coupled with the expertise of our climate control team, can provide permanent or temporary temperature control solutions.

Four Sunbelt Rentals cooling towers side-by-side on a cement pad outside an industrial facility.
Heating, Cooling, and Air Quality Solutions

Whether you need portable or temporary air conditioning units to cool hot spots in an office building or an entire dehumidification system to control condensation at a poultry facility, we can engineer a business solution to exceed your specifications.

Our full fleet of Climate Control and dehumidification equipment includes: portable and industrial air conditioners, evaporative coolers, air handlers, chillers, cooling towers, refrigerant and desiccant dehumidifiers, humidifiers, gas and oil-fired heaters, electric heaters, and more.

We also offer refrigeration equipment that can be used in any sector, from food processing, healthcare, and technology, to any business needing refrigeration.

HVAC Rental Solutions
Industrial and Commercial Heating

Sunbelt Rentals provides site-specific engineered solutions to meet your industrial heating needs. Regardless of the challenges you face, we can provide the best solution to get the job done.

We offer turnkey heater rental services and expert solutions from the industry’s broadest and youngest heat fleet, including indirect-fired, flameless, hydronic, rig heaters, and more.

Industrial and Commercial Cooling

From process cooling to supplemental air cooling at an industrial plant, we understand the importance of temperature and humidity control. Additionally, monitoring and maintaining the right RH (relative humidity) levels is crucial to a wide variety of applications.

With the proper climate control and dehumidification systems, you can maximize the rate of production, quality of production, worker safety, comfort, and more.

Temporary Heating and Portable Emergency Heaters

We are industry leaders in providing temporary, portable, supplemental and emergency heating equipment for rent. Our team not only provides customized climate control solutions, we deliver solutions for all your equipment rental needs.

Our Safe-Heat® line includes direct-fired, indirect-fired, steam, and electric heaters providing the power and flexibility required for any heating application. Learn more about the benefits of our Safe-Heat® line.

Temporary Cooling and Portable Air Conditioners

Our air-cooled and water-cooled portable air conditioners provide a wide range of cooling options, from ceiling-mounted A/C units for use in confined office spaces to skid/trailer mounted air conditioners for cooling large areas such as warehouses and hospitals. 

Want a 50% reduction in downtime paired with 10%-40% reduction in costs? Learn how your business can achieve this by downloading our guide to portable cooling solutions.

Dehumidification and Drying Solutions

We understand the importance of achieving and maintaining critical humidity levels, whether for drying, restoration, condensation control, or curing processes.

Our extensive list of climate control solutions will help efficiently resolve humidity and temperature control issues in a wide range of applications.

Indoor Air Quality Management

Poor indoor air quality is one of the leading causes of disease transmission, making proper cleaning and sanitation a critical step to vigilant disease prevention. From removing airborne particulates, odor control, and specialty medical grade UV scrubbers, Sunbelt Rentals offers equipment specifically designed to protect against the spread of airborne pathogens. 

Refrigeration Rental Solutions
Walk-In Refrigration

Our walk-in coolers, refrigerators, and freezers meet food-grade quality requirements and are ideal for any refrigeration needs. Offered in three sizes, 8’x10’, 8’x12′, and 7’x20′, these units have a cooling range of -18˚C to 10˚C (0˚F to 50˚F).

Refrigerated Trailers

With a cooling range of -40˚C to 4˚C (-40˚F to 40˚F), these refrigerated trailers are food-grade safe and can maintain your perishables in impeccable condition. Offered in two sizes, 8’x16’ and 8’x20′, these units can be towed with a pickup truck.

Refrigerated Containers

Containers are a safe way to keep your perishables fresh. Ranging from 20' to 40' units, with a cooling range of -30 to 10˚C (-22 to 50˚F), these can store large amounts of product. They are theft-safe and rugged, and can be moved around by forklift.

Low-Temperature Evaporators

Designed to eliminate heat from a room and blow it outside with the utilization of a condenser, these large scale evaporators can drop to 1°C (34°F) when chilling and drop to – 12°C (34°F) for refrigeration purposes.


Air quality is vital for industrial, institutional, and commerical usage for both process and comfort needs. Control and balance humidity levels in your facility with our variable-control electronic humidifiers.

Be Prepared for the Unpredictable

When natural disasters strike, preparation and the right equipment are essential for helping your community recover. Our Disaster Recovery Equipment Guide is an easy-to-use tool for determining the equipment you need to be ready to respond to different types of disasters.

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