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Property Management Equipment Rentals

Whether you’re the manager of a multifamily residential housing complex or a commercial office building, your job depends on the safety, cleanliness and curb appeal of your property. Your residents and tenants expect that, and we’re here to help you meet those expectations. Sunbelt Rentals can help with everything from rental property repair solutions to facility management supplies, ensuring your real estate investment continues to impress.

Real estate equipment rental solutions

At Sunbelt Rentals, we know that real estate maintenance and cleanliness are critical for property upkeep. We offer a variety of solutions to meet your needs, from lawn and landscape equipment to help you attend to grounds and gardens to sweepers, vacuums and more property maintenance supplies for interior cleaning. Our solutions also include equipment for large-scale projects or construction builds, including industrial vehicles, scaffolding and beyond.

If you have residential community properties all over the country and are looking to expand, you need a rental partner with nationwide reach to assist you with new constructions. Sunbelt Rentals has locations across the U.S., each outfitted with property maintenance equipment as well as heavy-duty tools and machinery for new builds. We offer everything from industrial vehicles to portable generators to scaffolding and beyond, all tested and ready for your next project.

Product solutions for construction

Having issues with the plumbing, lighting or HVAC systems at an existing property or facility and don’t have the tools to address them? Let Sunbelt Rentals provide you with solutions. We have a fleet of tools and equipment suited for real estate maintenance, including power tools, portable generators, dehumidifiers, pumping solutions and beyond. Our team of experts will work with you to create a plan of action that addresses your situation and gets your property back on track.

Product solutions for building systems

Property upkeep is essential for providing a great experience for your residents or tenants. We understand that not every property is fully equipped with the right tools for maintenance, and that’s where we come in. Sunbelt Rentals will work with you to create a strategy for real estate maintenance solutions, including floor care, lawn and landscaping, or any janitorial services you may need. Our equipment is reliable and available across the country for use at any of your properties.

Product solutions for facility maintenance

Rent Tools and Equipment on the Go

Easily find and rent the tools and equipment you need for any project. Plus, save time with delivery, invoice management, and so much more with the new Sunbelt Rentals App.

An array of smartphone screens showing the Sunbelt Rentals app in front of an image of a Sunbelt Rentals retail location.
Why work with us?
Property maintenance

Owners have to take curb appeal and cleanliness into consideration to attract and maintain renters or owners. Our property maintenance equipment will keep your real estate visually appealing and safe.

Reliable equipment you can count on

Whether you’re building new additions to your property or renovating older buildings, we are there to provide solutions when accidents happen on-site, such as a pipe bursting and causing water damage.

Reliable performance

It’s critical that your job is done right and on schedule. We promise our customers that we will provide the equipment solutions and services you expect reliably and on time — no matter the job.

Delivery and pickup

We deliver and pick up your rental equipment at your convenience, saving you the time and hassle — and with more than 1,000 locations, we’re never too far for any last-minute requests.