Rent Earth Moving and Land Clearing Equipment

Excavators, skidsteers, dozers, and backhoes are the machines that development depends on. From land clearing, pipe and utility line installation, to loading and unloading dirt and soil, Sunbelt Rentals offers a broad range of earth moving equipment.


Our rentals meet the needs of both the homeowner and the commercial user, from highly maneuverable utility tractors to powerful, hydraulic excavators that are more than capable of doing the heavy lifting.

Land moving equipment and tools

Our large and small earth moving machines not only get the job done properly but more importantly, they get the job done safely. Sunbelt Rentals land movers are meticulously maintained, and we also offer training classes to instruct users on their safe operation. Our heavy equipment rentals are an efficient alternative to ownership; we deliver the machine to your site, you complete your project, and we pick up the machine and return it to our rental location. In addition, our expert maintenance, rental protection plan, and No Sweat Guarantee, will make you realize why you should choose to rent power earth tools from us from this day forward.

Backhoe loader rentals

Our backhoe loaders provide outstanding versatility, performing a variety of tasks – dirt digging, loading, and utility applications – in harsh environments.

Hydraulic excavator equipment rental

Get the extra horsepower you need to tackle tough jobs, such as lifting and placing pipe. Our rental excavators feature increased lift capacity along with extended reach and a variety of attachment options.

Mini-excavator rentals

Sunbelt Rentals mini-excavators are highly maneuverable and designed to perform in tight quarters. Retractable track frames make our smaller models ideal for moving through narrow spaces.

Crawler dozers

Designed with single joystick-controlled power angle-tilt blades for outstanding performance and precision control, these dozers are compact yet powerful. These machines perform earth and dirt moving reliably across a variety of applications such as grading, preparation for new roadways, and removing overburden in mining applications.

Electric excavators

By removing the need to be plugged into a power source and the need for a combustion engine, the JCB 19C-1E Electric Excavator is the latest heavy equipment in excavation technology.

Skidsteer loaders

Sunbelt Rentals diesel-powered skidsteer loaders feature four-wheel drive and a unique steering system. This system allows them to turn 360 degrees within their own length, providing for the unsurpassed maneuverability required when working or dirt moving in tight spaces.

All about air compressors

Air compressors are common on job sites, but our in-depth Guide to Air Compressors is a handy refresher to ensure you're up to date on using air compressors, safely and effectively.

Rent with peace of mind

Our Rental Protection Plan (RPP) ensures that when the unexpected happens during a rental period, like theft or accidental damage, you're covered. Although optional, the RPP can cover gaps in insurance coverage and liabilities that aren't big enough to file a claim.

Rent here, train here

Our employees' and customers' safety is more than a priority - it's central to our culture. Our operator training courses will teach you and your team on the skills to work safely and more efficiently while in compliance with OSHA and provincial regulations.