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Industrial Dehumidifier and Drying Equipment Rentals

Our experts understand the importance of achieving and maintaining critical humidity levels. Whether you’re drying concrete, prepping a surface for a coating or responding to a weather event, we will provide a turnkey solution that will meet your project’s needs.

Construction drying equipment and dehumidifier rentals

Our vast inventory of portable and industrial refrigerant dehumidifiers, desiccant dehumidifiers, hybrid cooling units, and air-circulators will match any requirements you may have to efficiently dry buildings or materials. Our team works in tandem with yours to solve issues ranging from inclement weather to moisture-sensitive processes and materials. We can help with the following equipment needs:

Air scrubber rentals

Any water loss poses a significant opportunity for particle contamination and for microscopic bio-pollutants such as fungi and bacteria. Even small water leaks or overflows of sanitary water can ultimately trigger fungal growth if wet materials are not thoroughly dried. Our air scrubbers perform the important task of removing these harmful bio-pollutants from the air.

Disaster response units and equipment

For large loss and areas of declared emergencies, our fleet of disaster response units can rapidly deploy with large numbers of air movers and portable dehumidifiers to efficiently combat water damage.

Protein industry dehumidifiers and dryer rentals

Sunbelt Rentals offers a wide range of poultry and protein facility solutions including efficient condensation control and heat treatment solutions for virus elimination. We offer the newest fleet of chillers, industrial air conditioners, heaters, drying equipment, temporary power, blended systems and more. Our solutions can help you increase available production time, reduce risk of microbial growth, save energy by reducing defrost frequency, and more. Whether you need proof of concept, a solution for the entire plant, or one specific area, our team of experts can offer custom-designed humidity and temperature control solutions.

Construction drying equipment rentals

From reducing the risk of warping, moisture intrusion, and mold/mildew growth; proper construction drying is imperative for the protection of your building materials and keeping your project on schedule. Our solutions also accelerate the drying of concrete slabs and drywall compound. Sunbelt Rentals Climate Control Services has the solutions needed to ensure a trouble-free rental experience.

Dehumidification solutions guide

New construction has become increasingly airtight which means moisture has nowhere to escape. Additionally, if internal temperatures aren’t maintained the next phase of your project may face delays. Our guide will help you understand why dehumidification is essential in the construction process including: reducing warranty claims, meeting project deadlines, and acclimatize building materials. Use the guide when planning your next project.

Be prepared for the unpredictable

When natural disasters strike, preparation and the right equipment are essential for helping your community recover. Our Disaster Recovery Equipment Guide is an easy-to-use tool for determining the equipment you need to be ready to respond to different types of disasters.

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