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Industrial Air Scrubbers for Rent

Air scrubbers provide reliable filtration to remove airborne contaminants such as mold, pollen, dust, chemicals and bacteria from the air. They work as portable air purifiers without any attached ductwork. Air scrubbers work by drawing the surrounding indoor air into the machine, passing the air through various filters then pumping the fresh, decontaminated air out.

Air scrubber uses

There are a number of indoor environments where pollutants and irritants build up and cause poor air quality. Portable air scrubbers are designed to remove those pollutants and ensure fresh, clean air indoors. Portable air scrubbers are ideal for the following industries:

  • Restoration projects: Healthy air quality is always important, but it is often difficult to manage during restoration projects. Dangerous irritants are all too common in mold or water damage remediation projects. An air scrubber effectively protects workers and inhabitants by removing these irritants from the air and providing a safe environment.

  • Medical facilities: Hospitals and health care centers require stringent hygiene standards. Those standards also extend to hospital air quality. Portable air scrubbers can be used in waiting rooms, patient rooms, and clinic areas to prevent cross-contamination and the spread of infections.

  • Construction sites: On demolition and construction sites, dust, chemical fumes, gases, and more are constantly thrown into the air. These contaminants migrate throughout the job site lowering the air quality and creating unsafe environments. Portable air scrubbers efficiently rid the air of those pollutants, prevent their spread, and protect workers.

  • Workplaces: Healthy air is now more important than ever in offices and workplaces. Air scrubbers safely and effectively clean air in office buildings and spaces for a safer environment and healthier employees.

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