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An ice rink.

Portable Ice Rinks and Pathways

Sunbelt Rentals provides portable ice rink attractions for all events. Whether you need an NHL size rink or smaller, we furnish everything needed to set up and run these rinks in any location, including site evaluation and maintenance services.

Portable Ice Rink Solutions 


Our services include ice mats, chillers, and project superrvision including evaluation of site requirements for optimal setup and operation. Additionally, our team provides ice rink maintenance programs tailored to your needs. 




Resurfacers & Zambonis

Zambonis, or ice resurfacers, are vital for maintaining ice rinks, ensuring a smooth, pristine, and safe skating surface. Enhance the overall skating experience and prolong the lifespan of the rink’s surface.

An ice resurfacer smoothing and polishing the surface of the ice rink.
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