Put Us in, Coach. The Sunbelt Rentals Team Doesn’t Skip a Beat Executing Plays.

American football: arguably the best and most exciting sport known to man.

This year, 32 teams competed in 330 games over a six-month-span. The result? One big game consisting of two teams battling against one another to win it all: a 7-pound sterling silver trophy, pride, and of course, bragging rights. 

The unity football provides complete strangers is one of the many loved aspects of the sport. The camaraderie of fans cheering and high-fiving each other after their favored team successfully completes a first down, or better yet, scores a touchdown, is a common occurrence no matter the stadium.

Throughout these sporting events, teamwork and camaraderie goes beyond the fans, players, coaches, and the team… it begins with a crew consisting of accountable, dependable, and dedicated individuals working together to make it all happen.

One of many teams involved: Sunbelt Rentals. 

The phone rang on March 13, 2018. A request was made for a new challenge. We would be among several others competing for a bid to win the job, and we had to prove we were the best fit for the project.

Upon arrival, we were up against some of the largest equipment rental companies in the United States. However, that didn’t discourage Bob Morse, Sunbelt Rentals Sales Representative-Entertainment Services, Cory Maddox, Branch Manager, and the entire Entertainment Services Team in Atlanta, from scoring a touchdown. 

Our talented team went above and beyond the client’s expectations. Once Sunbelt Rentals won the bid to prepare, facilitate, and execute the event, we committed ourselves to providing a solution. It was time to implement our plan for a successful outcome. 

This plan involved assistance from multiple Sunbelt Rentals specialties. Without hesitation, Mike Chirino, Ground Protection Sales Representative, Nick Perez, Power & HVAC Sales Representative, the Atlanta Entertainment Services Team, and the Atlanta Central Services Team sprang into action.

With any large-scale sporting or entertainment event, the behind-the-scenes details can make or break the result. Everyone holds a key piece to the puzzle and there is minimal room for error.

We arrived on site at the beginning of January. Our team spent several weeks prepping day in and day out alongside numerous other companies: Noel Lesley, Kreate, Touchdown Entertainment, Georgia World Congress Center (GWCC), and Chattanooga Tents, to name a few, to bring this event to life. Our piece of the puzzle not only involved many other team players, but enabled them to connect their pieces as well. 

A significant aspect of the project included the presence of project leadership roles for any potential road bumps. For the duration of the project, Morse and Maddox were on site and accessible, seeing the job though its entirety: the plan, design, and completion. Mike Rosbrook, National Account Manager and Mikael Peters, Project Manager, supported Morse, Maddox, and the remainder of the team. 

In addition, our team provided the manpower to support the high volume of equipment needs. Our core list of equipment to make this event possible included:

  • Shooting boom forklifts
  • Industrial forklifts
  • Scissor lifts
  • Manlifts
  • Pallet jacks
  • Light towers
  • Ground protection mats
  • Generators
  • Utility carts
  • Fuel cells and containment berms
  • Sweepers

The teamwork demonstrated by multiple solutions of Sunbelt Rentals is one of our favorite accomplishments of the project. The wide-array of equipment was sourced from:

As quoted by the well-known Vince Lombardi, “individual commitment to a group effort – that is what makes a team work, a company work, a society work, a civilization work.” 

Through the combination of individual commitment to a group effort as well as staying true to our brand promise of availability, reliability, and ease, the Sunbelt Rentals team was honored to be a part of the success behind this monumental event.