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A fire truck parked inside of a temporary structure.

Renting vs Buying a Commercial Tent: What Is More Effective?

For many businesses in the oil and gas industry, equipment purchases are often seen as an investment for the future, especially since the machine may not be put to full use until sometime later. 

However, for businesses in an industry as huge and volatile as the oil and gas industry, the decision to own an asset rather than lease it may become too expensive in the long run and lead to the loss of capital.


Whenever your company purchases a new asset or equipment, the total cost of owning it is usually more than the initial cost of purchase. The total cost of owning industrial petrochemical equipment typically includes the initial cost, the interest cost, salvage value, insurance cost, maintenance cost, storage cost, and taxes.


Also, when you factor in the cost of replacing obsolete equipment with a newer model that functions more efficiently, then a question arises, “Is it better to buy commercial equipment or rent?” Obviously, there is no one size fits all, as the needs of every company will differ depending on their scale, processes, and budget.


In this article, we discuss the advantages of renting vs. owning temporary fabric structures for industrial businesses.



4 Key Considerations

Below are four key areas in which renting temporary fabric structures can help you manage your costs and save more in the long run. Click any of the links to learn more:




1. Maintenance & Repair Costs


Maintenance is a critical aspect of owning any piece of equipment, and this includes temporary fabric structures. By choosing to own a temporary structure, you are accepting to maintain the equipment in case of damage and ensure that the equipment functions as expected. This could mean you must pay for extra crew members and hold more inventory for maintenance purposes only.


Leasing temporary structures for extreme weather conditions is typically more cost-effective than purchasing them since you may not need them anymore after a particular season, like winter, has passed.


Most temporary structures intended for industrial usage and installations are designed to withstand harsh weather conditions and heavy-duty usage. However, unexpected damage and unplanned wear patterns may still occur.


If your temporary structure is rented, then it is the duty of your tent rental provider’s maintenance team to facilitate speedy and secure repairs to ensure that your operations can continue as planned. However, if you own a temporary structure and you don’t have an in-house maintenance crew for it, then you have to spend extra capital on maintenance and repair.






2. Storage & Transportation Costs


Where you mount your commercial tent is just as important as where you store it after your team is done using it. For industrial companies like those in the petrochemical industry, space is a precious commodity, and temporary structures like warehouses and lunch areas are effective ways to maximize the potential of a facility.


The only problem is, where do you store your temporary structures when they are no longer in use?


For many industrial businesses, the storage of heavy-duty materials required for temporary structures is a huge burden and can quickly become an overlooked part of the business. This usually leads to higher costs of storage and subsequent installations since the improper storage of components required to install temporary structures can reduce their integrity and turn them into safety hazards.


Apart from storing your temporary structures, the cost of transporting your equipment from the point of storage to the point of installation can add up over time and become a logistic challenge.


Opting to rent your temporary structures from a reputable full-service temporary structure provider like Sunbelt Rentals can help you eliminate the additional costs and logistics nightmare associated with the installation, maintenance, dismantling, and storage of your commercial tent.


3. Upgrade & Obsolescence Costs


In the past, it used to be okay to purchase temporary structures and decide to use them for the full length of their functional life. However, in today’s ever-evolving safety landscape of petrochemical and commercial manufacturing industries, equipment can quickly become obsolete. This means the temporary structure you purchase today may no longer be safety-compliant with industry regulations.


For instance, under API R756, structures purchased under older guidelines may need to be placed further away from work sites, resulting in lost time for workers and decreased profits for your business.


Leasing a temporary structure from a certified and reputable temporary structure provider like Sunbelt Rentals ensures that you always have access to the latest products on the market.


These structures typically adhere to new safety guidelines since most industrial rental companies like Sunbelt Rentals are held to very high safety standards by regulatory organizations such as the Occupational Safety and Health Association.


Also, you only have to worry about your structure or equipment being safety-compliant for the period of your lease. This relieves your team of the headache of keeping up with the latest safety regulations for temporary structures all the time.


4. Improve Flexibility and Scalability


When you choose to rent temporary fabric structures for your petrochemical business, you gain a significant advantage in terms of flexibility and scalability.


Since your business needs may change over time due to varying projects, seasonal demands, or market fluctuations, renting allows you to easily adapt to these changes.


Also, most rental agreements offer you the flexibility to adjust the tent size, quantity, and type of temporary structure that you need for your facility. This means whether you need to expand for a larger workforce or downsize to accommodate stricter budget constraints, renting can offer the flexibility that you need.


Additionally, if you expand your operations to different locations or take on multiple projects simultaneously, renting offers a convenient solution.


At Sunbelt Rentals, we strongly believe that we can offer all the flexibility, accessibility, functionality, safety compliance, and cost savings that you need when you rent a temporary structure from us.


Need to know how renting temporary structures can specifically help your business? Speak with a rental expert today!



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Need to know how renting temporary structures can specifically help your business? Speak with a rental expert today!