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Temporary warehouse

11 Benefits of Temporary Warehouse Structures

One of the most cost-effective strategies for organizing a large event, construction project, or similar application is the addition of a temporary warehouse structure. These temporary buildings offer interior space for storage, specific work tasks, and shelter from the elements.

It’s common to find many companies building temporary warehouse buildings during the busy season, though these structures can provide a useful purpose year-round for various projects.

What size is best for a temporary warehouse? Assessing the space needed for your construction site’s operations, inventory, production needs, and other business-related functions is essential. For example, some sites require a tent or canopy for smaller tasks and a larger warehouse structure or container for storage of equipment and machinery.

Reviewing your space to determine which temporary structures would best fit the premises and provide adequate on-site storage is critical.


1. Temporary Warehousing Is More Cost-Effective Than Traditional Buildings


You’ll save significantly when you rent or lease temporary warehouse structures, which can be easily and quickly constructed on your property. It’s a more affordable alternative to an off-site storage facility or permanent structure, which can be more expensive and less convenient.


2. It’s a Quick Solution for Storage Requirements


Finding the right storage facility and enough space for your site’s equipment and machinery can prove challenging. When you construct temporary storage structures, you’ll have greater access to your construction equipment without transporting items from a distant location or another property.

Instead of waiting days or weeks to install and implement scaffolding and machinery, on-site storage and warehousing gives you immediate access, so you can do it in a shorter time frame.

You won’t have to negotiate or sign a contract with a storage company, as all your equipment can be safely and securely stored in a temporary warehouse structure. You can use any equipment you need on the same property as the development.


3. Space for Production, Distribution, and Smaller Tasks


A temporary warehouse is not only convenient as a storage building but can also provide additional room for a wide range of tasks, including manufacturing goods and related products for your project. This additional space is ideal for site visitors, break or lunch areas for staff, and fulfilling inventory and distribution tasks to ensure high productivity and performance.

While a small container or tent is ideal for storage, a large temporary warehouse structure can provide more versatile space for a variety of jobs, activities, and meetings between staff, contractors, and developers.


4. No Groundwork Is Required to Construct Temporary Warehousing


A temporary fabric structure and portable warehouse buildings can be constructed on almost any surface. While a level surface is ideal, temporary storage or warehousing units can be adapted to fit on uneven ground or sloped terrain.


5. It’s Easily Customizable for Any Size or Specifications


You can customize temporary industrial buildings and warehouse structures to fit any type of project or application. These customizable details include size, specifications, and location, with the option of additions to accommodate changes to development.

Custom-built temporary structures can be installed within several days, which is a great advantage for meeting deadlines.


6. Greater Control of Inventory and Resources


When you have temporary space on site, you can store, access, and keep track of raw materials, steel, protective equipment, tools, and other items involved in the construction project.

You’ll have immediate access to resources instead of relying on a third-party company or storage space facility off-site, which can be expensive and time-consuming to manage. You’ll enjoy greater efficiency and customer satisfaction when you manage inventory with on-site warehousing.


7. Temporary Building Structures Are Made of Durable Fabric and Materials


Portable warehouses are very similar to permanent structures because they are made of durable, long-lasting materials that can withstand high winds and harsh elements. These high-quality structures offer safety and stability that you can re-install and use more than once.

Temporary warehouse structures are durable and affordable, as they can be reconstructed for various projects and applications.


8. Reduction of Waste and Minimal Environmental Impact


You’ll have less waste when you manage your project with temporary warehousing units, as your inventory, machinery, and tools can be managed more effectively. Since on-site storage tents and semi-permanent warehouses are immediately accessible, you can avoid acquiring excessive materials and tools, making reducing waste easier.

There is also greater productivity, as a result, and temporary structures can be disassembled for future use and minimal impact on land, which is eco-friendly.


9. You Can Leave the Planning to Sunbelt Rentals


You may find it daunting to set up a construction site and plan all aspects of the project, from ordering materials and equipment to find the proper style and size of temporary warehouse units and canopy or tent structures.

When you leave the planning to the experts at Sunbelt Rentals, you can focus more on your application’s timeline and goals, which takes the stress off installing, ordering, and organizing temporary structures for the project's duration.


10. Temporary Units Are Easy to Assemble


You won’t need to spend a long time planning the setup of temporary structures, as they are modular and easy to install. The experts at Sunbelt Rentals can provide the support and experience you need to set up your temporary units, so you can avoid delays and get started as soon as possible.


11. They Are Secure and Safe


When you set up semi-permanent warehousing, these buildings offer secure doors, locks, and gates that keep your equipment, tools, and related products safe. You’ll also have greater access to monitoring temporary structures and sites, assuring you can track everything on your site continuously.


Final Thoughts


Temporary warehouse structures offer many advantages to construction sites and project managers by bringing the ability to track inventory, keep equipment safe, and provide rest areas to staff, all within reach.

When you consult with the experts at Sunbelt Rentals, you’ll have access to a wide range of temporary structure solutions for all your construction needs. Contact Sunbelt Rentals for all your questions on temporary warehouse structures.