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Temporary warehouse structure

Customizing Your Temporary Warehouse Structure: Factors to Consider

Are you preparing to install a temporary warehouse structure for your next construction project? It’s essential to consider various factors involved in installing a temporary storage building, which include the type of project, the surface or terrain, its engineered features and designs, and the ability to withstand harsh weather and other elements.

Sunbelt Rentals provides customized solutions for temporary warehouse buildings, storage buildings, fabric structures, tent accessories, and related products to support your construction project and equipment storage needs. These portable warehouse buildings offer important space for excess inventory, goods, space for staff, and additional storage space.


The Size and Specifications of Portable Warehouses and Temporary Storage Structures


Sunbelt Rentals offers customized solutions to build temporary warehouse building structures and storage tents. These specifications include tall, wide, or extended sizing or specific designs to fit a smaller space or unique terrain.

Our highly trained teams can calculate the necessary measurements for any foundation or space. These include precise sizing that provides guaranteed protection, adequate coverage, and safety for personnel and equipment.

Sunbelt Rentals’ professional team will design and install your temporary structure in compliance with building code requirements and safety regulations.


Durable Materials and Construction


Our semi-permanent structures are built with robust, durable materials. These include steel, aluminum, and sturdy anchors to keep your temporary warehousing stable and safe. We offer aluminum box beams that secure the foundation and footing of every semi-permanent structure, with the option to modify the design and choose from various fabric materials.

Do you require natural light inside your warehouse? Translucent fabric and sheeting can provide an excellent cover while protecting from the elements. You’ll find a variety of water-proof and fire-resistant materials and canopies that can withstand changes to the outdoor environment, including snow, wind, and rain.


Customization for Your Semi-Permanent Structure


What happens when your land or construction site is sloped or has uneven terrain? To create a stable foundation, you may need to support a temporary structure with thirteen-foot legs on one side and fifteen or sixteen-foot legs on another.

There are other options to explore with these structures, including:

  • Insulating walls, the roof, and layers for greater protection and sustainability.
  • Improved support for harsh weather conditions.
  • Steel framing and industrial tents guard against freezing temperatures, fire, and environmental changes, including natural disasters.
  • Custom options for LED lighting and fixtures, HVAC systems, and related equipment.


Cost-Effective Solutions That Meet Your Budget


One of the most advantageous features of temporary warehouse structures is their cost-effectiveness. They are easily constructed and installed on-site, so you won’t need to regularly transport raw materials, machinery, and equipment.

If you’re working within a specific budget, temporary structures won’t place too much strain on finances so that you can allocate funds to other resources and business needs.


Quick Turn-Around Setup Time


When a temporary warehouse or building is no longer needed, it can be rented or used on another site and reassembled later. These adaptable structures can be set up and taken down on short notice, so you’ll benefit from protective buildings and tents quickly and efficiently:

  • They work just like permanent buildings.
  • Ideal for lunch or break areas, especially during extended work hours.
  • Multiple structures can be set up for large-scale developments with minimal effort and time.
  • Large storage units can house a large shipment of materials or equipment quickly and safely.

These buildings offer temporary warehousing space like traditional buildings without the long-term commitment needed for a permanent structure.


Greater Flexibility


Every company, construction site, application, or restoration project requires creative ideas to fit unique spaces and challenging sites. A smaller, more compact container or storage unit works best for a narrow or small site. In contrast, a large warehouse with weather-resistant material is perfect for a rural or more exposed location with more space.

These modular buildings can be constructed without much labor and minimal cost, which makes it easy to install extensions or modify areas to accommodate your site’s needs. There are many flexible options to consider for your building site, whether you need a warehouse tent, storage tents, clear span tents, or temporary industrial buildings.


Learning More About Temporary Buildings and the Best Fit for Your Application


Reviewing the type of temporary building options and which short-term structures offer various benefits, you’ll find various structures in varying sizes and designs to fit any development.

One of the top reasons for implementing temporary structures is to gain from a short-term, affordable storage or building extension option without investing in expensive shipments of equipment or permanent buildings.

You can use them for many applications, including:

  • Oil and gas drilling and refineries
  • Restoration of historical buildings and sites
  • Residential developments and commercial buildings
  • Industrial zones and sites
  • Environmentally sensitive areas, including rural regions and different types of surfaces
  • Urban spaces on concrete, cobblestone, grass, or natural ground surfaces

Once a building or project is completed and ready for sale, rental, or other uses, the temporary warehousing and storage units can be effectively removed, stored, and reassembled later, whether for a new project or future renovations, or restoration work.

These structures offer the benefit of disappearing completely from a site, with the option of being repurposed, which makes them eco-friendly and ideal for any type of landscape or setting. They can be adjusted to meet specific height requirements to store many items and amenities.

Many temporary storage units offer multiple uses, including storage and office space or meeting areas for contractors and project managers.


Final Thoughts


Contact us at Sunbelt Rentals to find the perfect semi-permanent warehousing, tent storage, or structure for your next project. Our durable, year-round structures are flexible and easily assembled, lasting anywhere from a few months to three or more years.