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How to Choose a Temporary Airplane Hangar

One of the most important aspects of aircraft ownership or maintenance is access to a reliable storage solution. Whether you are a private plane owner, part of an aircraft maintenance team, or an aviation enthusiast, temporary structures like a temporary portable fabric airplane hangar can be an invaluable asset.

Customization, usage flexibility, and rapid installation are some of the many reasons to opt for a temporary airplane hangar over a permanent aviation hangar. Temporary aviation hangars are not just suitable for airplanes. They also work for storing cargo, vehicles, and equipment for aircraft maintenance.


Choosing the right temporary airplane hangar can be a complex and daunting decision. This is why we have put together this simple guide to walk you through the basics of how to choose a temporary airplane hangar that works for your use case.


Temporary fabric airplane hangars work as the ideal solution for temporarily or intermittently storing and maintaining jets, airplanes, helicopters, and aircraft equipment.





Determine Your Airplane Storage Needs


Before deciding on any airplane hangar type or a supplier, the first thing you should consider is your airplane storage needs. It is important that you consider factors like:


The Size and Type of Aircraft Fleet You Need to Accommodate


For instance, standard single-propeller planes have size and feature needs that are different from those of a Boeing 737 or 700 airliner.


The Intended Hangar Usage


The specific usage of a hangar—storage facility, airplane maintenance hangar, or a combination of both—should be a determining factor in your choice of temporary airplane hangars. Typically, maintenance hangars are larger than airplane storage hangars since they require more space for working on planes.




Also, if you are unsure of the kind of structure to go for, Sunbelt Rentals provides full-service consultation for temporary structures. Contact us to get expert consultation before settling for a temporary structure for your airplane. 



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Choose the Right Hangar Type


Now that we are done talking about why you might need a temporary structure, let’s discuss some technical aspects, like hangar types.


Temporary hangars come in various types, and each one has its own advantages. What you want is a temporary airplane hangar that provides the most advantages for your use case.


Tension Fabric Hangars


Temporary fabric hangars feature lightweight cost-effective vinyl fabric that provides flexibility and structural rigidity. The best part about tension fabric structures is they are easy to transport, set up, and dismantle, making them a top choice for temporary needs.

Temporary Structures Equipment
Tension Series

At Sunbelt Rentals, we provide you with as many details about the technical elements of our Tension Fabric airplane hangars to inspire your trust and confidence in our structures. Learn more about Sunbelt Rentals Tension Structures below:


Check Funding for Aviation Structures in Your Area


Depending on where you need to set up a temporary aircraft hangar, your local government may provide funding for the construction of airport structures to facilitate local economies. It is a good idea to find out about funding from the local government for the construction of airport buildings and structures in the area.


Leasing a temporary airplane hangar will likely cost you less than building a permanent one. Plus, if your needs are only temporary, there is no point wasting time and resources building a permanent hangar.


Inquire About Location Standards


Regardless of whether you are building at a private airstrip or close to a railway or seaport, it is important to become familiar with the structural requirements of the Federal Aviation Authority (FAA) for your facility’s specifications and requirements.


Consider the Weather Conditions of the Location


The weather conditions in the area where you need to set up a temporary hangar or aviation building is a big determining factor in the kind of temporary airplane hangar structure that you decide to go for.


At Sunbelt Rentals, we provide clearspan fabric hangar structures that feature strong aluminum frames, fabric tops, and durable wall materials. These customizable structures must be tailored to the wind and snow loads that a project location may require. This ensures the safety and longevity of your hangar, regardless of the environmental conditions.


We also offer extra convenience and functional options such as:


Every Sunbelt Rentals’ airport operations structure adheres to and exceeds the International Building Codes (IBC) criteria to ensure safety and functionality.



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If you are unsure how the weather conditions in your area can affect your temporary airplane hangar, contact our team for a full-service consultation.

Evaluate Security Features


Security is a big part of any aircraft structure, which is why any temporary hangar you choose should have some basic security measures, including:


  • Locking Mechanisms: Aircraft are expensive to own, operate, and maintain. It makes sense that your temporary hangar would have secure locking mechanisms to prevent unauthorized access using top-of-the-line technology and mechanisms.
  • Security Cameras: Ask if your temporary airplane hangar can help with installing security cameras on the inside and outside of your temporary hangar for continuous monitoring.
  • Alarm Systems: Unauthorized access can be prevented or stopped in its tracks with the right alarm systems. Ensure that your temporary airplane hangar provider makes provision for reliable alarm systems.
  • Custom Accessories: We once used our custom clearspan tent accessories to help the U.S. Coast Guard when they needed to update their airplane hangars. They required temporary structures that adhered to their then-current engineering standards. We delivered fast and in style!


Custom aviation hangar accessories can become a huge aspect of your hangar security when done right.



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Choose Tension Series Hangars


When it comes to temporary airplane hangars, Tension Series structures are ideal.


In essence, choosing a Tension Series temporary airplane hangar minimizes risk and maximizes opportunity. You get the confidence of knowing your aircraft are protected in a spacious, adaptable, and weather-resistant structure, without the limitations of traditional hangar designs.



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