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Construction site tent

Construction Site Tents: The Benefits of Break and Lunch Tents

Spending a lot of time on construction job sites or events is expected. It’s a rewarding experience, though tiring, and a suitable place for a relaxing break is ideal for any workspace. The sound of heavy equipment and hot weather can interrupt a lunch break.

When you install a temporary fabric structure, tent, or similar shelter, you’ll provide significant benefits for workers, contractors, and visitors.


What to Consider When You Choose a Construction Tent Rental


What type of shelter do you need for your construction site? Do you need small work tents or a larger construction site tent?

Suppose you’re setting up a large-scale construction project with long-term expectations. In that case, you may want to rent a sizeable temporary fabric structure with a secure enclosure and climate-controlled features.

If your job site is smaller or shorter term, small frame tents and similar temporary shelter structures may provide shade and protection from heat, changing conditions, and common distractions.


The Benefits of Installing Construction Site Tents


There are many reasons why installing a temporary fabric shelter or tent is an excellent idea for your construction site or work area. It’s a great way to provide a convenient place for staff, visitors to the site, and contractors, to relax for a break or meet for lunch to discuss the project and related topics.


It’s Convenient for Food Services


How close is the nearest food establishment or coffee shop? A temporary fabric structure can provide adequate on-site space for a coffee break or lunch if your construction site is located in a remote area or is a long distance to drive to the closest restaurant or take-out spot. It’s also an excellent option for picking up a food delivery, where seating can be set up for construction workers and facilities managers.

If there’s a catered event or regular food service delivery, a fabric structure or construction site tent can provide a comfortable, sheltered space that protects from weather conditions and nearby distractions.


They Are Customizable and Available in Various Designs and Sizes


A construction tent can be customized to fit the needs of your work site and can be sized according to your project's safety and site needs.

You’ll find many types of temporary structures, including the Steelcase work tents collection and standard styles, to unique custom options that offer water services, lighting, doors, small enclosures, and interior walls.


Weather Protection From Natural Elements


When there’s an unexpected change in weather, high heat, or a drop in temperature, you’ll want to have a well-insulated portable structure to provide shelter from the elements. It’s an ideal place to find relief from a hot summer’s day, high humidity, or sudden high winds.

Extreme weather changes can cause delays in getting work done, reducing productivity and safety on the job. A comfortable, enclosed break area is a great option for workers during solid rain or wind until the weather improves and work can resume.


It’s a Safe Shelter in the Event of a Disaster or High-Risk Situation


While industrial tents are excellent spaces for taking a lunch or coffee break, they can provide an essential source of safety in the event of a high-risk event, such as a storm or possible explosion or disaster nearby.

Semi-permanent structures or similar heavy-duty tents are engineered to withstand high winds, heavy rains, and snow, which keeps people safe inside. These structures also offer climate-controlled and blast-resistant features, reassuring workers and facilities managers during uncertain changes outdoors.

Temporary fabric structures are highly durable, reusable, and can be transported and reassembled in various locations.


Greater Productivity on the Construction Site


When construction workers have a comfortable space to enjoy a relaxing lunch or an energizing coffee break, this will improve the overall conditions of the project site and boost productivity. Standard tents with available seating and amenities located close to the work site reduce travel time and cost savings for developers and personnel.

Break tents are also ideal for team meetings, small work tasks, and working lunches, where workers can engage in discussions about the project during an extended break or meal. This type of arrangement gives people a greater sense of connection and commitment to their jobs, which is ideal for overall work performance and results. These structures offer all the comfort needed for many activities related to the construction project while remaining at the location.


Temporary Structures Offer Great Opportunities for Training and Team Lunches


Many team-building exercises can be conducted inside temporary structures and shelters, including training and timely meetings or updates. These buildings are ideal for projects located in the cold or areas with high humidity or heat.

Climate-controlled spaces allow employees to enjoy a social lunch and absorb new information in a comfortable space to help them on the job. They are also a great place to rest if you work extended hours or meet developers, investors, and guests at the site during operating hours.


When to Install a Temporary Site Tent: Next Steps


Once you decide to install one or more temporary structures on your construction site, it’s important to consult with an expert to find suitable materials, frames, and structure designs for your site.

At Sunbelt Rentals, you’ll find a wide range of quality temporary structures, tents, and shelters for a variety of industrial, commercial, and residential developments. We can offer the sizing specifications, measurements, and professional feedback to plan and implement the best solution for your site.


Final Thoughts


Sunbelt Rentals offers innovative solutions for industrial and construction locations. We have an impressive selection of materials, custom designs, and an expert team who can support you.

Contact us to provide the best short-term fabric shelter solutions for your work site.