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Temporary structure

Transform Your Space with Temporary and Semi-Permanent Structures

The demand for temporary structures, warehouses, and buildings has significantly increased in recent years. Sunbelt Rentals recognizes the need for well-engineered fabric buildings and temporary structure solutions for a wide range of permanent construction projects.

There are many new trends and applications, from modular scaffolding and support structures to temporary building structures to provide shelter, tents, and protection for personnel, equipment, and tools.


Customized Temporary Structures Customized for Different Applications


Every application requires unique needs, from multiple tents, canopy structures, storage trailers, scaffolding, and various temporary fabric structures to support your permanent structure design.

These well-developed temporary buildings and supports help close the gap between designing a site plan for your project or application, to ongoing construction needs from start to finish.

Every fabrication provides the best in innovative materials and technology to provide durable, secure support for the development of your permanent building.

You’ll find many temporary shelter and structure needs for various applications and new or existing structures, including restoration work for historic sites, schools, gymnasiums, commercial buildings, office towers, industrial sites, and residential developments.


The Benefits of Semi-Permanent Structures


Temporary structures support various construction projects and applications, including great durability and flexible modification options. They are stable and safe; you’ll find many other benefits in using semi-permanent structures.

They support various construction projects and applications and offer great durability and flexible modification options. You’ll find many other great benefits in using semi-permanent structures.

A solid structure is ideal temporarily, whether you’re planning on a short or long-term project. They must be sturdy to offer greater protection from high winds and harsh weather.

Semi-permanent structures are more cost-effective for construction sites, and they are built with innovative materials and styles that protect your site from fire, flood, and other disasters. You’ll have access to HVAC, lighting, and other needs within each structure, from temporary tents to buildings.

Customized temporary structures can provide advanced design options with temperature controls, minimizing cold or humidity and insulation. They also support specific lighting applications, comply with international fire code regulations, and support specific load requirements.


Additional Advantages of Including Temporary Structures as Part of Your Site Plan


One of the most significant advantages of semi-permanent structures is their versatility and how well they can be adapted to fit any project size or type.

When you work with the experts at Sunbelt Rentals, you’ll find solutions for every application, with flexible rental periods, terms, and changes in the type of structures you’ll need for an ongoing project.

  • Renting temporary structures is highly flexible and cost-effective for seasonal, restorative, and building projects.
  • You can quickly relocate or rebuild temporary buildings and structures in various areas of your construction site within a short period.
  • Temporary buildings are highly adaptable to various surfaces, including uneven ground and slopes.
  • You can modify or expand temporary-use buildings and structures to provide greater support for an ongoing project. This process is usually quick and doesn’t interfere with other jobs and support systems.
  • Renting temporary equipment and structures is inexpensive and may offer benefits for your business, including costs eligible for tax deductions and other programs.
  • You can easily expand the number and type of temporary structures on your site without causing any major disruption to your construction or business operations.


What Do You Need to Get Started?


Semi-permanent buildings are similar to permanent structures, with many of the same materials, and they must also follow local city laws and building codes. Choosing the correct type of temporary structures for your project is vital while avoiding risks, filing a permit application, and getting the approval, you need before you start.

Are there any potential risks to consider before you install fabric structures? You’ll want to assess these risks, custom changes, and how they will impact nearby properties. Do the temporary structures support environmental health? After removal, you’ll want to ensure these buildings do not adversely impact the land, waterways, and surrounding areas.

When you consult with a Sunbelt Rental expert, you’ll find everything you need to accommodate your site’s space and project needs.


Keeping Your Temporary Structures Visible and Secure


Keeping your temporary structures visible and safe for workers, visitors, and equipment is essential. There are many steps you can take to safeguard your construction site:

  • Add marquees, signs, and markings to make your structures visible.
  • Alert drivers and pedestrians around the area of the site and how to navigate around structures safely.
  • Define which areas are for authorized or restricted access.
  • Train all on-site staff on safety measures and how to assist visitors on-site.
  • Contain equipment, tools, and items to temporary structures to protect them.

It’s crucial to keep personal protective equipment on hand, along with safety guidelines, in and around temporary structures. Essentially, you’ll want to treat these short-term buildings and scaffolding as permanent structures by keeping everyone in and around the area safe and protected.


Final Thoughts


Once you begin to plan your building site, it’s important to consider the variety of building structures to include in your application. At Sunbelt Rentals, you’ll have access to a wide variety of innovative solutions, from temporary tents and storage trailers to canopies, scaffolding, and more.

Our experts can find the ideal semi-permanent fabric structures that fit your specific construction needs, whether planning a large-scale commercial project or restoring a historic structure or site.

Contact Sunbelt Rentals to inquire about our impressive temporary and semi-permanent fabric structure line. We also provide an extensive selection of equipment and tool rentals, training, and installation services to meet all your construction and application needs.