A temporary warehouse outside during the winter.

MTS™ Warehouse: Ideal Temporary Storage Solution in Harsh Minnesota Winter

The inevitable expansion of businesses brings with it the need for additional storage space. Companies typically need a solution that can help them capture additional revenue without causing reduced production or halting production activities completely.

Since permanent construction typically takes a long time to complete and is expensive to implement in the short term, the answer is usually the erection of a temporary structure.


The challenge, therefore, lies in seeking a solution that can accommodate the growth and be implemented swiftly.


Of course, there is the option of trying out an off-site warehousing unit. However, it means you now have to manage the logistics of multiple locations and may even need to hire extra people.



How a Custom-Designed Tension Series (MTS™) Met Our Client's Storage Needs

Our proprietary and custom-designed Tension Series (MTS™) warehouse structure was the ultimate all-weather answer to their long-term storage requirements. Click any of the links below to learn more:




Our Client's Challenge


Our client was a prominent manufacturer of heating and cooling products in Minnesota, and the winters in this area are known for their unforgiving severity.


The client had a critical requirement for their business: The installation of a temporary storage structure that would stay on-site for a duration of 11 months while the permanent warehouse facility was under construction.


Most importantly, the temporary storage structure needed to be able to efficiently withstand and cope with the heavy snowfall that plagued Minnesota.


The client had a checklist, and it included:

  • Duration: A temporary storage structure capable of enduring on-site for 11 months.
  • Location: Installation of portable storage units must be on the existing asphalt parking lot.
  • Weather Resistance: An innate ability to withstand the formidable wind and snow loads in Minnesota.
  • Functionality: Adequate clearance to accommodate stacked pallet racks, optimizing available square footage for short term storage.






Our Vision for a Solution


During the design phase of the Tension Series (MTS™) warehouse structures, we knew we wanted it to be a temporary storage solution that exemplifies durability and versatility and can thrive in a range of hazardous conditions.


The result of our ambition and our dedication to delivering exactly what our client needs are our carefully crafted off-the-shelf temporary storage structures engineered to withstand winds up to 130 mph and handle snow loads of up to 30 lbs. per square foot. These features make them the ideal solution for storage in Minnesota winter.


To ensure optimal snow flow during heavy snow, we engineered using the trade marked peaked-arch profile. Their peaked-arch design facilitates the rapid shedding of snow, mitigating the risk of accumulation that could jeopardize the structure's integrity.

Temporary Structures Equipment
Tension Series (MTS™)

The Sunbelt Rentals' Tension Series (MTS™) warehouse structure is engineered for quick installation and disassembly to ensure continuous operations whenever necessary. 

Diagrams of a Tension Series structure.

The key features of our temporary storage facility solution for our clients are:

  • An 8,300 sq. foot MTS™ warehouse, soaring to a peak height of 34.58 ft.
  • Two personnel doors for easy access
  • An overhead door for efficient cargo handling
  • An LED lighting package to ensure well-lit interiors
  • A dedicated team of expert project managers, designers, and installation specialists






The Final Piece


We successfully installed the MTS™ temporary storage structure on our client's facility in three days. This remarkable feat ensured that production continued, and the necessary expansions were carried out.


Our temporary storage solution stayed up and active for 11 months, successfully weathering the harsh Minnesota winter and providing functional value for our client.


At the end of the 11 months after the completion of the company's permanent warehouse facility, our engineering team at Sunbelt Rentals executed the disassembly of the MTS™, successfully marking the end of a successful project.


Key Insights


Most companies associate the word temporary with fragility, short-term utility, and inconvenience. However, temporary structures designed, engineered, and erected by Sunbelt Rentals, like the Tension Series (MTS™) warehouse structure, proffer a different perspective to the word temporary.


Our clients describe our structures with words like:

  • Toughness: Our temporary structures offer remarkable durability
  • Durability: Every Sunbelt Rental Structure is designed for long-term and semi-permanent use, even in extreme weather conditions like the Minnesota winter
  • Versatility: Our temporary storage buildings work for more than just storage purposes. It is ideal for expanding product lines, accommodating seasonal needs, or sustaining current production load while permanent facilities are under construction


Temporary structures can be indispensable allies for businesses that need to navigate the complexities of growth and change when chosen wisely. If our temporary warehouse can survive the Minnesota weather while maintaining optimal functionality and fulfilling all your storage needs, then it can survive anything!


Are you in the market for the ideal warehousing solution for your next project or expansion? Don't worry. We've got your storage needs covered.



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