Autonomous and Robotic Floor Cleaners

Sunbelt Rentals has the innovative technology solutions to launch your business into the future with Robotic Cleaning Machines. Professional service robots can not only help facility managers improve processes and streamline operations but can also provide an advantage to industries facing high turnover and stiff competition. These robots increase cleaning speed and consistency and reduce employee turnover using performance tracking to optimize resources.

Flooring care solutions and equipment rental

Increasingly, companies are recognizing the impact that robotics and innovation can have on making their businesses—and even their employees—more productive and efficient. For most facility maintenance businesses, the addition of robotic cleaning machines are changing their mindset around their cleaning routines.

Some of the benefits of robotic cleaning machines are:

  • Increased productivity
  • Helps businesses become more competitive
  • Reduction in cleaning costs by driving efficiencies and allowing employees to perform high-value tasks
  • Enhanced facility image by improving cleanliness with consistent performance and streak-free floors
  • Improved safety features and reduced human error (link safety blog here).
  • Easy product adoption
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Sunbelt Rentals offers a level of experience and dedication to customer service that is unsurpassed in the floor care & maintenance industry. We are changing the mindset of facility cleaning through the adoption of robotic cleaning technology.

Learn how robotic floor cleaners improve your business

From airports to big box stores, robotic cleaning machines are helping businesses boost their bottom line by providing a safer and more efficient way to clean. Sunbelt Rentals will provide a free, COVID-compliant assessment to evaluate your company’s cleaning needs and match you with the right cleaning solution to bring your cleaning processes into the future.

What is an autonomous cleaning robot?

The biggest driver of the robotics adoption is the shift to autonomous mobile robots (AMRs). Compared to previous generation autonomous guided vehicles (AGVs) — widely used in industrial applications such as manufacturing lines — AMRs are not limited by physical tracks or magnetic beacons. This new breed of robots possess sophisticated on-board artificial intelligence (AI) systems that enable AMRs to follow complex processes and make intelligent decisions and safely navigate dynamic indoor spaces, including a retail floor during business hours. 

In most cases, robotic floor scrubbers are the same core cleaning machines already used by many facilities — fitted with an array of sensors and the on-board AI interface. This significantly simplifies adoption, as users are typically already very familiar with the cleaning machines.  

Flooring solutions

Sunbelt Rentals offers a level of experience and dedication to customer service that is unsurpassed in the floor care & maintenance industry. We bring a highly-trained team of experts to serve markets from commercial to industrial flooring solutions to assess an environment’s floor equipment rental needs.

Whether it’s hardwood, carpet, turf, grass, pavement or concrete, we can tell you exactly what floor care & maintenance solution you need to get the job done right.

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Our employees' and customers' safety is more than a priority - it's central to our culture. Our operator training courses will teach you and your team on the skills to work safely and more efficiently while in compliance with OSHA and provincial regulations.

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