Make your facility a clean machine with robotic cleaners

The relationship between people and robots has been the subject of countless sci-fi novels and movies, but the reality is much simpler. The workplace of tomorrow will feature humans and autonomous machines working together as one. 

One way we’re watching that play out: cleaning — a crucial yet frequently overlooked component of maintaining a facility. With a robotic floor cleaner on the job, you can save time and money and keep surfaces pristine. 

At Sunbelt Rentals, our Flooring Solutions team matches customers with the latest and greatest technology so you can keep your floors squeaky clean. Here’s a quick overview to get you off on the right foot. 

What is an autonomous floor cleaner?

An autonomous floor cleaner uses artificial intelligence and computer vision technology to guide itself through a facility while navigating around obstacles. At the same time, the cleaner rotates its pads or brushes at a high speed, sometimes more than 200 RPM, to remove dirt and dust. 

Our machines are battery-operated and can clean for hours on end detergent free, using only water, with ecH2O nanoclean technology. This improves productivity, freeing up time and resources that can be used for other purposes. It also boosts morale, automating a task most employees would rather do without. 

How do robotic cleaners work? 

Cleaners with autonomous technology need an opportunity to learn the lay of the land. So, at the beginning of any rental, always dedicate some time to training the machine with multiple routes to cover as much ground as possible. The sensor technology in the machines can adjust for unforeseen obstacles and narrow spaces. 

Once a machine has been taught the cleaning routes for an area, cleaning is as simple as selecting which route to be cleaned and pushing a button.  However, some human supervision is required for cleaners to continue operating safely. In most cases, a human will need to monitor the machine for cleaning solution levels, to charge it, and to troubleshoot when needed. 

How popular is this technology?  

Supplementing operations with autonomous technology provides a competitive advantage for contractors, facility managers, and other early adopters. More than 4.5 million commercial robots are estimated to ship annually by 2028, and warehouses and industrial sites will represent the lion’s shares of the market, according to an analysis by ABI Research. 

Stay ahead of the competition

In business, it pays to adapt continuously, and robotic cleaners have the ability to positively impact your business in a variety of ways. 

Because technology is ever-changing, the best way to stay on top of the newest advances is with the help of a trusted rental partner. The specialists at Sunbelt Rentals are up to speed on the robotics market and can advise you on any of your floor-related needs. Call 1-866-443-6858 today for a consultation or let us reach out to you.


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