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Robotic floor cleaning machine.

How Autonomous Industrial Cleaning Robots Are Delivering Big Benefits

Efficiency, productivity, and innovation are pivotal for success in today's fast-paced business world. Companies operating in different industries are adopting cutting-edge technologies to improve their operations. The autonomous industrial cleaning robot is one such innovation transforming the commercial cleaning industry. These robotic floor-cleaning machines are revolutionizing the way we maintain our facilities and offer significant benefits to businesses. Let's explore the world of autonomous industrial cleaning robots and discover how embracing the future of flooring solutions can bring game-changing advantages to your business.


How Do Robotic Floor Cleaning Machines Work?


The technology behind the autonomous industrial cleaning robots currently in our fleet is both impressive and practical. These robots take familiar ride-on floor scrubbers and equip them with sophisticated AI-driven technology and sensors, enabling them to clean autonomously. This combination of traditional cleaning equipment with state-of-the-art AI technology offers exceptional cleaning performance.

  • Control Panel: Operators can access the robot's functions through a user-friendly touch-sensitive interface, allowing them to program routes, select tasks, and view training materials.
  • LIDAR Sensors: Light detection and ranging sensors scan the area in front of and around the machine, detecting potential obstacles for safe navigation.
  • Scrubbing Technology/Hardware: Most robotic floor scrubbers utilize established hardware and technology used in manually operated machines, ensuring reliable cleaning performance.
  • AI-Driven "Brain": The robot's AI-driven central platform processes real-time data from various sensors, guiding the machine safely through the cleaning process.
  • 3D and 2D Cameras: These cameras perceive the environment and identify home markers, allowing the robot to complete cleaning routes accurately.


The Benefits of Commercial Floor Cleaning Robots for Your Business


Robotic cleaning machines are transforming the way businesses manage their cleaning operations. The advantages extend to facility managers, business service contractors, and employees:

  • Increased Productivity: Robots speed up the cleaning process, enabling cleaning crews to cover more ground in less time.
  • Enhanced Service Quality: With robots handling repetitive tasks, human employees can focus on more complex and customer-centric responsibilities, ultimately improving service quality.
  • Improved Employee Retention: Automation can alleviate the physical demands of cleaning jobs, making them more attractive to potential employees and reducing staff turnover.
  • Enhanced Safety: Robots reduce the risk of accidents and errors associated with human cleaning, providing a safer work environment.


Success Story: Warehouse Efficiency with Industrial Floor Cleaning Robots


Durcon®, a Wilsonart Company known for its high-quality products tailored for rigorous laboratory and research environments, faced a daunting cleanup task after a fire ravaged their Taylor, TX production facility in December 2019. Stepping in as a reliable partner, Sunbelt Rentals provided a game-changing solution by offering the Tennant AMR T7 autonomous rider floor scrubber on a flexible, long-term rental plan. Sunbelt's proactive support and commitment to service excellence paved the way for Durcon to achieve:

  • Significantly streamlined floor cleaning processes, effectively tackling the persistent challenges posed by epoxy-based mix splatters
  • Eased financial concerns through Sunbelt Rentals' comprehensive maintenance coverage and responsibility for software licensing fees
  • Enhanced operational efficiency, allowing Durcon's staff to focus on high-value tasks and augment overall productivity

Durcon made a strategic decision to secure a five-year rental agreement for an autonomous scrubber from Sunbelt Rentals. Within 45 days, the scrubber was delivered on-site with a signed contract. Although Durcon faced a learning curve to optimize the scrubber's performance, it quickly increased its floor cleaning efficiency, with both the operator and the machine demonstrating increased proficiency over time. Sunbelt Rentals' equipment management and maintenance helped them avoid the complexities and costs typically associated with autonomous technology ownership. The successful rental agreement paved the way for the company to further expand its equipment requisition, effectively scaling up its floor maintenance operations.


Overcoming Implementation Challenges: Sunbelt Rentals’ Approach to Autonomous Floor Cleaning


Implementing autonomous floor cleaning technology can pose a series of challenges for businesses, ranging from operational adjustments to technological integration. We have developed a comprehensive approach to address these challenges and ensure seamless adoption of robotic cleaning machines. Our Flex-Program offers customized solutions, including:

  • Flexible Options: Adjustable machine size with customized specifications to address any project requirement (including seasonality demands).
  • Hassle-Free Solutions: Ongoing technical assistance, troubleshooting, and routine maintenance to minimize operational disruptions.
  • Expert Support: Strategic guidance on integrating autonomous technology within existing facility management processes with 24/7 support.
  • Seamless Value: Regular recommendations to optimize cleaning efficiency with immediate equipment availability.


Exploring Different Types of Autonomous Cleaning Machines


The world of autonomous cleaning machines is diverse, with various options to suit facility requirements. Sunbelt Rentals has partnered with Tennant, a company specializing in manufacturing commercial-grade floor cleaning equipment, to expand its available flooring options. Two standout offerings from this collaboration are the T7 and T16 Autonomous Mobile Robotic Floor Scrubbers.

Powered by advanced BrainOS® technology, these machines operate seamlessly alongside employees, significantly enhancing productivity and ensuring consistent, high-performance cleaning. The T16 has a 36-inch cleaning width, making it suitable for larger floor spaces, while the T7, with a 26-inch cleaning width, excels in efficiently covering substantial areas. These cutting-edge solutions embody our commitment to delivering innovative technology, revolutionizing cleaning standards, and optimizing efficiency for diverse industrial and commercial applications.


Make the Smart Investment in Robotic Floor Cleaning Machines with Sunbelt Rentals


Investing in autonomous industrial cleaning robots can be a game-changer for businesses in various industries. These machines offer significant benefits such as increased efficiency, productivity, and safety that can significantly impact your operations. Join the future of cleaning with Sunbelt Rentals and explore the power of autonomous floor cleaning technology. Our Flooring Solutions team is committed to helping you find the latest and greatest technology in the commercial cleaning world. Contact us now or call 1-844-723-4778 for expert guidance and rental solutions that meet your unique needs.