3 commonly asked questions about robotic cleaner safety

Our team is always looking for ways to boost productivity for our customers. One of the most exciting additions to our fleet has been autonomous floor scrubbers. 

The Tennant T7AMR is a state-of-the-art introduction to this burgeoning class of machines that can cover as much as 45,000 square feet per hour. Using vision-based artificial intelligence, operators can teach the scrubber multiple routes and watch the machine scrub away, unmanned. Its capability is a powerful addition to a variety of commercial and industrial sites.

Autonomous machines are new to most of us. To operate them with confidence, it’s important to have a full understanding of the safety features. Here, we answer some of your most common questions, with insights from the manufacturer. 

Do robotic cleaners detect people and obstacles in the way? 

Yes, these autonomous scrubbers come with detection software, which is connected to light detection and ranging (LIDAR) sensors, as well as 3D cameras. These devices send data in real time about the machine’s surroundings to the system – also called the brain – so the machine can adjust as needed. 

This design lends itself to highly sophisticated environments, such as brick-and-mortar retail locations during business hours.

What other safety features are included?

Detection is a two-way street. While the machine scans its surroundings, it has several other tools aimed at protecting operators and passersby. According to Tennant, the following are built-in features in the T7AMR:

  • Emergency stop buttons
  • Password protection 
  • Perimeter guards 
  • Beacon 
  • Turn signals
  • Weight switch in the seat
  • Breakaway rear squeegee

Together, these features are designed to make the machine more secure and visible and less prone to snagging obstacles. The weight switch, in particular, is designed to stop joyriders. 

Can a robotic cleaner detect a ledge? 

Indeed, the machine is capable of detecting a ledge such as a staircase or elevator. If necessary, the machine will adjust its speed or stop entirely. Be mindful of these obstacles as you train your machine, as well. 

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