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Flooring Solutions

Sunbelt Rentals offers a level of experience and dedication to customer service that is unsurpassed in the industry. We bring a highly-trained team of experts to assess an environment’s equipment needs. Whether it’s hardwood, carpet, turf, grass, pavement or concrete, we can tell you exactly what flooring solutions you need to get the job done right. 

Flooring Solutions & Equipment

Overcome the challenges of your environment’s demands. Warehouses, arenas, office buildings, airports, hospitals, and schools all require maintenance solutions that will deliver on safety, comfort, productivity, and cleanliness in a manner that is both efficient and cost-effective. We provide not only short-term and long-term flooring equipment rental options, but training and tutorials, the latest models, expert equipment maintenance, and around the clock support. We offer solutions for hard and soft floors, and vinyl composite tile (VCT).

  • Airline terminals
  • Athletic field turf
  • Building maintenance
  • Carpet cleaning
  • Carpet removal
  • Carpet stain extraction
  • Classroom cleanup
  • Concrete maintenance
  • Concrete preparation
  • Concrete finishing
  • Fa├žade maintenance
  • Facility cleanliness
  • Floor stripping
  • Floor refinishing
  • Floor restoration
  • Graffiti removal
  • Grounds upkeep
  • Hospital floor scrubbing
  • Janitorial
  • Manufacturing floor cleanup
  • Pavement scrub/ sweep
  • Retail floor maintenance
  • Special event preparation
  • Special event cleanup
  • Water damage remediation
  • Municipal
  • Parking lots
  • Planned shutdowns
  • Post construction clean-up
  • Parks & recreation
  • Special events

Concrete Floor Preparation/ Maintenance


From floor grinders, edgers, and polishers to scrapers and shot blasters, Sunbelt Rentals has the solution for your concrete preparation and maintenance as well as additional safety. Protect your workers with the essential safety accessories needed while using any equipment generating hazardous silica dust.

Floor Stripper & Scraper Machines


Utilizing various types of blades and teeth, our electric, battery operated, and propane floor strippers are available in both push & self-propelled walk-behind models as well as ride-on models. These can remove almost any floor covering, including vinyl tile, glue-down carpet, and rubber-backed carpet.

Walk-Behind & Ride-On Floor Scrubbers


Sunbelt Rentals walk-behind scrubbers feature compact designs to easily reach tight and confined spaces in a variety of applications. Our line of ride-on scrubbers delivers cleaning capacity at rates up to 70,000 sq ft/hr with dual cylindrical brushes for increased productivity.

Walk-Behind & Ride-On Floor Sweepers


Our walk-behind sweepers deliver efficient cleaning results at rates up to 34,000 sq ft/hr with excellent maneuverability for sweeping small, tight spaces such as office buildings and educational facilities. Our ride-on sweepers are ideal for high production sweeping and clean-up -- 150,000 sq ft/hr – of large indoor and outdoor spaces ranging from parking decks to airport terminals. Our machines feature excellent dust control and continuous uptime.

Vacuums/ Extraction


We offer a broad spectrum including a complete line of upright, backpack, and canister industrial vacuum cleaners readily available at your convenience. You can count on reliable and versatile performance in a variety of applications, including heavy-duty, lightweight, wet-dry, and wide-area vacuums.

Buffers/ Burnishers


Our selection of buffers/burnishers and floor refinishing equipment can tackle any scrubbing, stripping or polishing application, even when your project involves an uneven surface.


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Reduced costs for complex bypass pumping plan

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Poultry Industry Leader

Sunbelt Rentals offers comprehensive solution for poultry facility




Our extensive line of scrubbers, burnishers, carpet extractors, and more will deliver exceptional results on your hard floors or carpets. From vacuuming to deep cleaning, Sunbelt Rentals is equipped to provide you with a comprehensive flooring maintenance solution that will ensure every area of your facility is covered.

Healthcare Facilities

Healthcare facilities must meet the highest standards in cleanliness. Our customized floor care solutions can effectively help you exceed those standards while keeping machine noise to a minimum. In addition, these solutions will reduce slip-and-fall incidents, maximize productivity, decrease bacterial growth, and maintain indoor air quality.

Concrete Solutions

The popularity of polished concrete flooring continues to grow. We can provide grinders, edgers, floor strippers, shot blasters, and polishers. To keep your workers safe, make sure you use OSHA recommended products such as respirators, air scrubbers, and dust collectors to protect workers from hazardous silica dust.

Concrete & Masonry

We offer a level of technical support that is unmatched in the industry. Bring us your challenge, and our team of highly-trained technicians will partner with you in developing the right solution.Our employees put their clients first, and they are here to help when you need it. No matter the day, or the time, when you call, we will be there.

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