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Surface Preparation Equipment Rentals

Creating a safe and stable work surface is essential to any job site. Whether your floor supports foot traffic or heavy machinery, Sunbelt Rentals has the equipment and the experience to restore and repair your surface and get your operation on solid ground. Our comprehensive fleet of surface tools can help you with everything from general upkeep to a complete overhaul.

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Repairing and Repurposing Floors, Walkways, Parking Lots and More

Flooring, concrete and other surfaces are composed of tough materials, but even they need occasional maintenance and refurbishment to stand up to daily wear and tear. Over time, dust, dirt, grime can build up and diminish the look and feel of your surface. Cracks and uneven surfaces can also hamper the safety and productivity of your site.

At Sunbelt Rentals, we’re here to get your floor back on track with special equipment and tools that can accommodate any type of material. Together, our flooring specialists can match you with the perfect machine for your commercial or industrial site, and we’ll support you with technical and professional guidance along the way.

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Concrete 101 Guide

Get the ultimate guide to polishing and refinishing concrete floors. From removal to polishing, there are a lot of steps from start to finish. Start building a foundation for surface preparation success.

Floor and Surface Preparation Equipment Rentals

Concrete Grinders and Polishers

Whether you’re prepping a showroom or airport terminal or just want to give your site the shine it deserves, look no further than our concrete grinder and polisher fleet. Our concrete grinders leverage rotating discs to break through tough surfaces, while our concrete polishers combine grinding and honing a classic, glossy look.

Floor Removal Tools and Scrapers

Sometimes, every floor needs a clean slate. Our heavy-duty scrapers remove tile, hardwood, adhesives and other flooring materials with ease. Choose from propane and battery options and cover up to 8,000 square feet per hour.

Concrete Shot Blasters

Portable Shot Blasters provide one-step surface preparation for a variety of concrete surface preparation applications where a minimum amount of material must be removed in preparation for resurfacing. Get the right concrete profile and be prepared for any coating or floor finish with the right equipment from walk behind to self-propelled and ride-on models.

Vacuums and Dust Collectors

When you’re prepping a floor, it’s easy to produce dust, residue and airborne particles that can pose a health and environmental hazard on your site. Our dust collector vacuums can capture both dry and wet particles, making them a crucial complement to any surface preparation project.

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