Floor buffing equipment

A Guide to Choosing Floor Stripping or Buffing Machines

Do you have a project that has worn but durable hardwood floors or hard surface floors that no longer shine? Floor stripping and buffing is a process that gives your floors a new life, and it’s essential to restore old, worn hardwood floors close to their original state.


What Is Floor Stripping and Buffing?


Using floor stripping machines removes any old wax on floors, including built-up dirt, debris, and soil, which may become embedded. Floor stripping does the hard job of removing all the undesirable nicks, damaged spots, stains, and other areas to reveal a restored, smoother surface. It’s one of the most time-consuming and labor-intensive tasks involved in flooring.


What Is the Purpose of Floor Stripping and Buffing?


Commercial floor stripping removes old, damaged layers of floor waxing and dirt, followed by a treatment that helps restore and protect the newly revealed layers from future wear and tear.


What Types of Flooring Can Be Stripped and Buffed?


Hardwood flooring is a type of surface that can be stripped, buffed, and waxed. A commercial floor buffer helps remove any dirt, grime, and staining effectively from the wood’s surface, which prepares the flooring for waxing and refinishing, to keep it in optimal condition.


The Importance of Floor Stripping and Buffing in Floor Maintenance


When you routinely clean surfaces, strip and wax your hardwood floors, you’ll significantly reduce the risk of damage. Floor waxing and stripping also protect the surface of the flooring from trapping and accumulating moisture or water, which can ultimately damage or warp the wood tiles, which becomes difficult to repair and may need a partial or complete replacement.


Why Use Professional Equipment for Floor Stripping & Buffing?


What are the benefits of renting professional equipment to strip and buffer your flooring? There are several significant benefits, which include the following:

  • You’ll remove wax build-up or old wax, which may contain dirt, stains, and dust accumulated over months or years.
  • The process of stripping and buffering floors offers a deep cleaning that refreshes and restores the overall appearance.
  • It’s fast, easy, and more efficient than manual stripping methods, which are highly time-consuming, though professional equipment is more productive, and does several jobs in one treatment session.
  • You’ll appreciate the high-quality results and consistency of regularly stripped and buffed floors.
  • Regular treatments reduce labor, overall costs and improve safety. A well-maintained hardwood floor doesn’t pose the same risk as a poorly treated or neglected flooring surface, which can become a slip-and-fall hazard.


Sunbelt Rentals' Range of Floor Stripping & Buffing Equipment


When you’re faced with a large project of stripping, finishing, and restoring your flooring, you’ll need access to the right equipment to do the job. Sunbelt Rentals is an excellent resource for all your floor stripping and buffing needs, whether you’re planning an extensive renovation project or restoring one or more floor surfaces in your building. You’ll also have access to safety training and PPE rentals.


Floor Stripping Machines


A floor stripper is a powerful machine driven by a rotary device. This mechanism removes the top layer of flooring so that a new layer can be treated in preparation for a new tile flooring on top or buffering and waxing the hardwood surface. Floor stripping machines are an excellent solution for many types of flooring, including ceramic tiles, rubber, vinyl, carpet, and wood. It prepares hardwood floors for waxing service and is ideal for commercial floors.


Floor Buffing Machines


A floor buffer provides several benefits for your flooring and restores its natural, original shine. While this commercial cleaning machine is also referred to as a floor stripper, they also buff, scrub, and remove unsightly scuff marks, dirt, debris, and stains from your flooring. These machines grind out any signs of stains and grime accumulated over months or years to reveal the original beauty of your hardwood floors.


Combination Floor Stripping and Buffing Machines


Depending on the flooring installed in the retail or commercial space, you may require a combination of floor stripping and buffing machines. Let Sunbelt Rentals find the right equipment to restore, clean, and create a new shine for your flooring project. Contact a rental expert today!


Selecting the Right Floor Stripping and Buffing Equipment for Your Needs


Does your hardwood floor need minimal buffing to keep it looking best, or do you need a more extensive line of equipment to dig out unpleasant scrapes, scratches, floor wax residue, and damage from floor coverings?

Sunbelt Rentals offers everything you need to restore and improve the quality of your flooring so that it’s not only aesthetic and durable but safe for staff, customers, and guests.




Question: How often should the flooring be stripped and buffed?

Answer: Generally, this is done once or twice yearly, though this largely depends on the condition of the flooring, how much wear and tear it’s endured, and the level of traffic or usage. Hardwood flooring in a busy gallery or public space will need more frequent stripping and buffing, whereas the wood floors in a display area may require minimal maintenance.


Question: Can Sunbelt Rentals provide training on floor stripping and buffing equipment?

Answer: Sunbelt Rentals offers a wide range of training programs to fit the needs of your staff. You can arrange in-person training at your work site or location for hands-on training on flooring machine equipment and other services and rentals you’ll need for your business. 


Question: Are there any special precautions that need to be taken during floor stripping and buffing?

Answer: When you consult with Sunbelt Rentals, you’ll have access to a wide range of personal protection equipment, which is essential for using heavy-duty machinery and materials. It’s important to take the necessary precautions when working with floor stripping and buffing chemicals and solutions and protect the surrounding areas from fumes and other pollutants.


Final Thoughts


Sunbelt Rentals offers everything you need to restore, repair, and renew your hardwood flooring. You’ll have access to the latest equipment, protection for safety, accessories, and expert customer service to provide you with all the tools and resources for your hardwood flooring project.