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We’re Transforming the Way We Do Safety

Safety is our top priority at Sunbelt Rentals. It’s in our DNA. We aim to protect our employees and provide our customers with the knowledge they need to keep their jobsites safe.

We engage

We willingly engage in safety activities and work together each day to reduce our exposure.

We pause work

We recognize hazards and risks, pausing work to make it safe before continuing.

We care

We take pride in owning safety and helping our co-workers and community.

We learn

We have a “get better” mindset and seek to learn from success and failure.

We speak up

We intervene and provide feedback to anyone at any time. 

Sunbelt Rentals - Engage for Life

Learn about Sunbelt Rentals "Engage for Life" which puts our core value of safety at the forefront of EVERYTHING we do.


Our top concern is the safety of our people. Our goal is to continually and properly educate each employee in an effort to eliminate any life-threatening, life-altering or fatal work-related injury or illness.

DEKRA partnership

By working with DEKRA, Sunbelt Rentals achieves safety performance improvement through an upstream focus driving downstream results and yielding an improved cultural framework of safety.



Our conversations begin and end with safety. Before our team members start a task, they’re making sure they can do it safely. All of our leaders have a personal safety vision, and they’re communicating it to their teams.


— Richard Colvin, Executive Vice President, West Territory


Engage4Life is part of the fabric of our company — your company. It’s working and the results are showing. To me these results aren’t just based on numbers; it’s about how we protect our teams and how we care for each other.

— Brendan Horgan, Chairman & CEO

Training resources

Our heavy equipment operator training encompasses mobile elevating work platforms, forklifts, facility cleaners, earth movers, scaffolding and more. Our courses are well suited for your safe operation needs.

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Our teams care deeply about each other, creating a strong culture and one that people want to be a part of. Check out our Careers page to see if there’s an opportunity that’s right for you.