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The Cost of Polishing Concrete Flooring

Concrete flooring is one of the most durable surfaces and an excellent option for interior spaces of all kinds, from large warehouses to modern homes. While it’s generally water-resistant and stain-proof, you’ll need to maintain and clean this surface to keep it in excellent condition.


Explanation of Concrete Polishing


Concrete floor polishing is a process that involves grinding, sharpening, and polishing the surface to maintain a high-quality appearance. While cleaning or maintaining concrete is easy, polishing gives the flooring an exceptional appearance. 


Importance of Maintaining Concrete Flooring


It may seem unnecessary to treat concrete floors, as they are resistant to fire, water, odors, bacteria, and stains. However, its sleek, smooth design requires regular maintenance to keep its uniform shine.


Understanding the Cost of Polishing Concrete Flooring


Concrete flooring offers versatility for many interior and exterior spaces. You’ll find it lasts longer than any type of flooring, which is one of the main reasons it’s very popular. It’s also versatile in the type of shine, tints, designs, textures, and tiling you choose to customize for your home or business.


Factors Affecting Polished Concrete Floors' Cost


The cost of polished concrete flooring can vary, based on several factors, such as the style, surface, and square footage.


Floor Size


Pricing is often based on the size of your concrete slab floor, which means, the larger the surface, the more you can expect to pay based on square footage. Generally, when it comes to the polished concrete cost, you can expect to pay between $3 and $8 per square foot (or square meter) of concrete, and additional staining or coating will increase the average price range.


Floor Condition


Is your cement flooring in excellent condition, or does it need heavy-duty treatment to restore its original appearance? The overall appearance of your existing concrete flooring and any anomalies or damage can impact how much you can expect to pay for polishing.


The Type of Finish


Are you considering adding a coat of color, polish, or finish to improve shine and appearance? Any extra treatments or finishes you add will increase the overall cost of polishing your concrete floor. Many flooring options include floor covering styles, ceramic tiles, and floor coating. 


Equipment Rental


Is your concrete smooth and glossy, or do you prefer a matte finish? A high shine may cost you more, but it’s a worthwhile investment for an entrance lobby, museum, or display room. The polished concrete floor cost varies depending on the equipment you need. 

An industrial space requires a lower grit machine because the focus is less on appearance, whereas a residential or commercial space needs a higher grit.

Are you looking to polish a concrete driveway, colored concrete, or quarry tiles? Choosing the right tools and machinery is essential to making your flooring surface shine. You’ll also want to inquire about helpful tools or techniques, especially if you plan on doing it yourself!

Heavy-duty equipment is needed for polishing if you work in a larger space. Sunbelt Rental experts can assess the type of concrete flooring you have and the type of machinery, grit level, and accessories you’ll need to achieve the best results. 


Polishing Options


What type of concrete polishing is best for a commercial or residential space? It’s essential to get familiar with the various polishing machinery and finish options, as they can impact the appearance of the cement floor.


Wet Polishing


Wet polishers use water through a feed attachment, which is ideal for surfaces with granite or stone. 


Dry Polishing


Dry concrete polishing is best for softer surfaces, as this type of flooring doesn’t require the same rigorous treatment as industrial-grade cement. It’s also a great way to achieve a higher level of shine, which is ideal for a commercial showroom or event space.


Diamond Polishing


If you’re looking for a high gloss finish, diamond polishers are ideal for increasing the level of shine. While a lower grit, such as 200 to 500, is best for industrial or less aesthetic purposes, diamond polishing usually consists of grit between 1,000 and 3,000.


Mechanical Polishing


If you’re looking for the ultimate refinement in concrete polishing, mechanical polishing is how you’ll get rid of scratches, dents, and other inconsistencies, while improving the gloss or shine of your flooring.

It’s often a great solution for high-traffic spaces, including corridors, marketplaces, and commercial spaces. Finishing your concrete floor using a mechanical polishing machine will also keep your surface easy to maintain, especially for long-term use.


Final Thoughts


Are you ready to polish your concrete floors and brighten your home or retail space? The cost variance largely depends on the equipment you’ll need, the condition and square footage of flooring, and whether you hire experts or take on the task yourself!

You’ll get all the advice and tips you need from Sunbelt Rentals’ expert staff, so you can decide which polishing options are best for your budget and flooring needs.