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Preparing for the Big Game, Whatever it Takes

When a championship game begins, athletes aren’t the only ones on display. Millions of fans, whether they realize it or not, are also watching the hard work of event coordinators and vendors.

It takes the right game plan to pull off a major sporting event. But for the team at Sunbelt Rentals, it’s just another day at the office. Here’s what we’ve learned about planning for game day.

Know the drill

There’s a saying in sports: Championships are won in the off-season.

So our preparation begins months, even years, in advance, working closely with event organizers to estimate needs and generate solutions. Organizers need hard numbers so they can prevent cost overruns when the event is in motion. That means we must vie for our playoff spot through a bid process that’s heavy on detail and strategic planning.

For equipment rentals, that starts with knowing the location and how it will change come game time. If manlifts are needed, for instance, it pays to know the entry points, so no one has to scramble when it’s time to use them. By planning ahead, we set up organizers for success, and we stand out from the pack.  

Lay the groundwork

When you host a football game at your facility, you shouldn’t be able to tell there was a monster truck rally there the week before. Floors and surfaces can take a beating, and multipurpose facilities often have their work cut out for them. But major athletic events aren’t one-time occurrences. They happen every year, and you want to keep hosting them for years to come.

That’s why ground protection is so important. In an age when stadiums cost billions to build, maintaining that investment is vital to hosting events. It’s much more convenient to protect the floor you have than it is to replace it. And with the right solution in place, you can trust that athletes will hit the ground running.

Huddle up for success

When the pressure’s on, the smallest miscues can be the difference between winning and losing. More often than not, that comes down to communication. And that’s why getting everyone on the same page is the most important part of a team effort.

When staff and volunteers are spread throughout a stadium, it can be hard to coordinate efficiently, and things can fall through the cracks. The less you have to rely on walkie-talkies, the better, and as little as a quick stand-up meeting with team leaders can provide a valuable accountability check. The more you can organize your manpower, the more your team will shine.

Vendors can be a part of that, too. Major events frequently require multiple forms of equipment from power generators to climate control, so having one trusted supplier gives event coordinators a single point of contact. At Sunbelt Rentals, our thoughtful approach to event planning is why we’ve grown into the go-to equipment supplier for sporting events around the country.

Don’t forget about next year

When a game ends, coaches study the film to see how they need to adapt for their next matchup. And that same mindset applies to event planning. Even when a season’s over, continuous improvement should always be the goal.

Once your event is over and the fans hit the road, take a moment to reflect while it’s still fresh in your mind. Get multiple team members to weigh in, too.

Consider what went right and what went wrong, and make any changes to your equipment forecast if you’re already in the planning stages for next year. After all, the next big event is right around the corner, and it’ll get here before you know it.

Do you have a major event on the calendar? Need some help pulling it off? Let the team of pros at Sunbelt Rentals take the field for you. We’ve got the playbook and all the resources you need to equip your event for excellence. Learn more today.


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