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36 Machines Delivered to 36 Locations in 36 Hours

When shopping at a grocery store, retail store, pharmacy, or any other store for that matter, the shopper’s cleanliness expectations are high, as they should be. The store’s appearance directly affects the buyer’s decision of whether to make a purchase. A clean, organized facility with an attractive appearance will inevitably lead to greater sales.

According to ISSA, cleanliness is ranked as the most important element among: lighting, temperature, quietness/ music, and special events. Sixty percent of people said a store’s environment encouraged them to buy more within the last month.

Aside from sales solely based on the first appearance of the store, another justification for keeping the store in prime shape is to be the leader in the rivalry among other stores in the industry. When the competition is high, the employees of a store can’t afford to let the value of sanitation slip.

When time is of the essence, lead times become a priority.   

This Sunbelt Rentals success story involves a leader in one-stop shopping. This leader is one of the largest supercenter operators in the U.S. The supercenters, located in the Midwest and West Coast, carry more than 225,000 items and each location averages 150,000 square feet. Shoppers visit this supercenter for anything from food and home goods, to health and beauty care, clothes, electronics, jewelry, and fuel. The combination of service, quality, selection, cleanliness, and prices create regular clientele.

This client called our Flooring Solutions team and informed us that they needed 36 machines, predominately walk behind floor scrubbers, delivered to 36 locations, within the next 36 hours. We were quick on our feet and instantly created a quote.  Soon after, the quote was approved by the customer.

Our team’s next step? Make it happen.

For the next 36 hours, our team sprang into action. Equipment was pulled from eight different cities in seven different states along the West Coast, including: Washington, Oregon, California, Nevada, Arizona, Colorado, and Texas. Immediately following, our trucks hit the road and successfully delivered each piece of equipment to the unique location in Washington and Oregon.

To create a positive customer experience, every step of the way, our team focuses on availability, reliability, and ease. We pride ourselves in our mantra that we will always help our customers, when and where they need us. Our clients hold us accountable to our reliable promise, and we guarantee to meet every commitment we make. Renting great tools and equipment shouldn’t be difficult, and our team will do everything in our power to make it that way.

Without hesitation, our team provided 36 pieces of jobsite ready equipment – with on-time delivery and pickup – to 36 different locations, in an impressive 36 hours.

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