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Tractor Attachment Rentals

CAT CLASS: 051-0001

Box Scraper

A tractor attachment that is designed to move and smooth soils. This attachment provides a working width of 65".


CAT CLASS: 051-0002

Landscape Rake Non Powered

The Tractors we have available have a variety of attachments options for any application.


CAT CLASS: 051-0003

Rotary Cutter

Easily clear trails or construction sites, remove brush and undergrowth, or mulch branches with our Rotary Cutter attachment. The short deck and lightweight design make it easy to use, and ensure a clean cut, even on uneven terrain. This Cutter has a 60" Cutting Width and weighs 823 lbs.


CAT CLASS: 051-0004

Rotary Tiller

Easily loosen, mix, and ready soil and mulch for planting with our Rotary Tiller attachment. It features bi-directional operation to cut top and bottom directions. Easy to use next to sidewalks and buildings. 60" Working Width


CAT CLASS: 051-0006

Posthole Auger

A tractor attachment that provides the user posthole auger capabilities with a diameter of 6-24".


CAT CLASS: 051-0007

Tow Behind Fertilizer Spreader

A tow behind tractor attachment that allows the user to spread fertilizer evenly. The spreader has multiple spreading widths and easy to attach using a hitch pin system.


CAT CLASS: 051-0008

Backhoe Attachment

A backhoe attachment for a tractor which is ideal of trench work, digging and back-filling. This attachment provides a digging depth of 92" and has a 180 degree rotation.


CAT CLASS: 051-0009

Grooming Mower

A tractor attachment that provides precision cutting. The mower is ideal for large lawns and golf courses.


CAT CLASS: 051-0010

Soil Pulverizer

A tractor attachment that prepares soil for sod installation or seeding. The working width of the pulverizer is 60".


CAT CLASS: 051-0012


A tractor attachment that creates plugs in the grass allowing air flow and nutrients to reach the roots. This unit has a working width of 48"-60".


CAT CLASS: 051-0014

Harley Power Rake Landscape - Tractor

A tractor attachment that allows the user to break up hard soils and create a smooth finish. This attachment has a working width of 72"


CAT CLASS: 051-0019

Root Rake

A tractor attachment that is ideal for piling brush and debris. The large space between the teeth allows the soil to sift through.


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