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COVID-19 Outbreak Support

When unexpected situations like the COVID-19 outbreak occur, an immediate response is critical. The Sunbelt Rentals team offers the proper equipment, expert personnel, and accessibility to act in a moment’s notice, nationwide.

Have questions? To speak with a member of our team, give us a call at
866-598-7356 or click the button below.

Commonly used emergency equipment

1001-2000CFM Air Scrubber 110V

This 1001-2000 CFM air scrubber has a 4-stage filtration system ideal for cleaning and disinfecting. The particulate prefilters, carbon adsorption, HEPA filters, and custom filters help decontaminate an infected area.

Walk behind midsize 28" floor scrubber

This machine helps decontaminate an infected area within seconds. Our 28” walk-behind scrubber is designed to quietly and effectively clean and disinfect noise-sensitive areas. 36V Battery powered operation.

30 ton air conditioner 480V 3PH

This air conditioner is ideal for emergency cooling in hospitals, schools, manufacturing facilities, and more. These DX units require no return air pull and high-static pressure allows for longer duct runs at higher delta-T.

20KW diesel generator rental

Easily towable and ideal for a variety of emergency or temporary applications. All models feature quiet operation and onboard fuel capacity with 24-hour minimum run times. Multiple voltages and easily configured.

Emergency response equipment

Rental equipment for temporary medical triage response centers and other emergency situations

Temporary lighting & surveillance

Temporary and portable lighting is available for indoor and outdoor use. We also offer site service rentals to deter, detect, and defend potential security threats. 

Temporary flooring

From light-duty/pedestrian temporary flooring to heavy-duty site access, our team can support any of your temporary flooring or temporary roadway application needs. 

Material handling

Our portable material lifts, forklifts, hand trucks and dollies, and other material handling equipment is meant to help you safely and easily move and manage material anywhere.

Barricades and travel control signs

Traffic control sign rentals are available in various sizes to support your specific projects. Our traffic safety specialists are also available to develop MOT plans for your needs. 

Decontamination solutions

Rental equipment to prevent the spread of viruses and ensure a safe and healthy environment for your workforce.

Air quality/purification

Whether you need an air scrubber to remove harmful particulates from the air, or you need to create a negative pressure in your work space, we have the air quality rental equipment and air purification rental equipment to get the job done.

Floor care/surface sanitization

Our products can help keep your facility clean when paired with proper cleaning solutions. Offering a broad spectrum of flooring equipment from walk-behind and ride-on floor sweepers and scrubbers to a complete line of carpet and multi-surface cleaners.

Air conditioners and heaters

Sunbelt Rentals offers emergency cooling, heating, and dehumidification equipment when and where you need it. We can provide temporary, portable, supplemental, large scale, and industrial air conditioners and heaters in any size and any quantity.

Power generation and distribution

Portable generators provide quick power solutions for temporary testing stations and quarantine areas. We provide a full-range of generators and power distribution equipment to support outages and temporary applications of any size, in any market, nationwide.