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Teaming Up to Fight Covid-19

Medical professionals and First Responders are coming together across America to combat the coronavirus pandemic. The Emergency Response Team at Sunbelt Rentals is supporting that effort at several temporary hospitals and testing stations nationwide.

This support includes multiple equipment types, including power generation and distribution, heating and air conditioning, temporary lighting, forklifts, and air quality equipment such as air scrubbers. 

In the state of Florida, our team has provided equipment and support for the build out of temporary care facilities, each with a capacity to treat a minimum of 250 patients. In Florida alone there are dozens of temporary generators deployed and installed in support of the response effort, with additional services such as daily fueling also provided. 

In states nationwide, Sunbelt Rentals has supported the rapid buildout of COVID-19 testing stations, including temporary power and heating/air conditioning. These testing facilities are often set up in a matter of hours, and we’re working 24/7 to service these urgent needs. 

To keep up with the demand created by way of the pandemic, we have enacted our Emergency Response Team (ERT), and set up a My Account, or “Storm Center” at our support office in Fort Mill, S.C., fielding calls for assistance nationwide and coordinating efforts. 

The Emergency Response Team is part of a dedicated effort by Sunbelt Rentals to provide coordinated, much needed equipment, and response assistance in times of crisis. Most often the team is deployed in response to natural disasters such as hurricanes, tornados, or wildfires, but the COVID-19 pandemic has led to a similar recovery effort. ERT is working in support of local and national government agencies, as well as first response contractors. 

In addition to those resources coordinated centrally, the real work is taking place in the field, where our team of 15,500+ dedicated employees across North America is working tirelessly in support of local communities. 

“We are treating this as we would treat any disaster – lending support to our people, our customers, and the communities in the impacted areas.” said Scott Silverman, National Strategic Customer Manager. 

The temporary setups are an adaptation of base camps used for utility crews in storm recovery. Our team collaborates with government contractors and private sector clients to build and operate these camps. While the pandemic response is new territory, we have learned to expect the unexpected in disaster recovery. 

“We saw the need with the current situation and were able to adjust our process. Our equipment, support services and nationwide network allows us to very effectively service the demand that exists in response to this crisis. Silverman said. “We’re highly adaptable, and will continue to adapt as the need inevitably evolves.”

As the crisis continues to unfold, we will keep that response going, providing critical support services in as many parts of the country as we can. In times like these, we’ve all got to come together. That has been and always will be core to the Power of Sunbelt.