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Service and Safety Play a Key Role in Success of Nationwide Warehouse HVAC and Indoor Air Quality Program

When a national retailer needed help regulating environmental conditions in their warehouse fulfillment centers, the Sunbelt Rentals team stepped in with a successful cooling and indoor air quality solution.

A major online retailer runs a large number of warehouse fulfillment centers across the United States, with many averaging more than 1 million square feet. As spring 2020 arrived, the company’s HVAC Program Manager and Delivery Director recognized the need for supplemental cooling to keep the facilities at a temperature below 90°F. Above that temperature, heat can become a safety issue for workers. The retailer’s team requested Sunbelt Rentals visit 24 sites and – within one week – provide a detailed quote for cooling solutions and scope of work.

Job performance starts with the proposal

Two other companies were also competing for the job, but John Rada, National Sales Manager for Industrial & Commercial HVAC, and John Mulrain, Strategic Customer Representative for Facility Maintenance, were determined to win it. Given the nationwide reach of the program, they provided central management to ensure easy collaboration and communication between the retailer Program Manager and the entire field of Sunbelt Rentals Managers and Sales Representatives.

Thanks to excellent organization and resources, the Sunbelt Rentals team could mobilize quickly to get the required information. Sunbelt Rentals Outside Sales Representatives (OSRs) contacted the Manager in charge of each site and visited to view the layout and determine critical building factors, including square footage and cubic footage. Then, based on historical weather data, they calculated the equipment needed to adequately cool the structure, which included generators for supplemental power at almost every site.

The final proposal highlighted the engineering solution to cool each facility, aerial drawings of equipment placement, and safety protocols the team would follow. Within a few weeks, the retailer had chosen Sunbelt Rentals for the program.

Putting safety first kicks off a winning strategy

The primary reason the retailer selected Sunbelt Rentals was that Sunbelt Rentals always kept safety first. Even during the initial information-gathering visits, the Sunbelt Rentals team maintained social distancing and wore enhanced personal protective equipment, including face coverings. The job proposal also listed safety equipment, such as containment berms under each fuel cell and generator to ensure any spillage would not damage the property or environment, and protective barriers to make all equipment highly visible.

The second reason Sunbelt Rentals won the bid was the speed and effectiveness with which the team visited sites and turned around a detailed proposal. The retailer was convinced that job execution would be just as efficient and professional.

Once the program began, Sunbelt Rentals communicated with each Manager to coordinate dates for equipment delivery and installation. Each servicing HVAC and Climate Control location dispatched equipment and technicians and, to support the full turnkey approach, coordinated with fuel suppliers to keep the generators running. Installation typically took only two or three days, working around the individual location’s schedule.

Each location implemented one additional piece of equipment – a Sunbelt Air Monitoring System (SAMS). The SAMS units provided live, 24/7 monitoring of temperature and humidity to ensure they never deviated from acceptable conditions. The monitoring data were available online for both the retailer and Sunbelt Rentals, supporting a proactive response for any out-of-range readings. For example, if the temperature within a facility measured 90°F, John Rada could call the Manager to ensure the equipment was operating as it should and dispatch a technician to the facility, if needed.

The SAMS units also confirmed that Sunbelt Rentals was delivering exactly the parameters promised. In fact, the data proved so valuable that the retailer added SAMS units to 39 other locations to measure performance of newly upgraded HVAC systems.

Weekly surveys confirm outstanding results

To gain insights into any issues at the fulfillment centers and maintain solid relationships with the retailer’s team, Sunbelt Rentals OSRs visited each site every week to check the  HVAC and safety equipment. At the same time, the OSRs surveyed the Managers on key performance indicators, then tallied the results. The checklist included questions on equipment performance, adherence with safety protocols, and satisfaction with service.

Every Friday, the Sunbelt Rentals team held a call to discuss the operation with the Program Manager. They shared the survey results to demonstrate that Sunbelt Rentals was delivering effectively and resolving issues quickly. The retailer’s team was impressed by this unique approach to sharing their Managers’ experience with Sunbelt Rentals. They appreciated that Sunbelt Rentals could take on a comprehensive, nationwide project and execute quickly, easily, and safely.

The Reliability, Maintenance and Engineering Manager offered this summary:

Sunbelt Rentals has been spectacular. They are responsive, deliver great customer service, take ownership of any issue we have, and provide solutions. I really would not want to switch from them. They will make contacts, partner with other stakeholders, and deliver every time.

Maintaining indoor air quality is more important than ever in today’s environment. Sunbelt Rentals offers a wide variety of equipment solutions to help you maintain optimal temperature and humidity levels, improve ventilation, and mitigate the spread of airborne pathogens. Click here to learn more about our indoor air quality solutions or give our experts a call at 866-510-4777.