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Six Equipment Rental Mistakes To Avoid.

We at Sunbelt Rentals want you to stay ahead and on track. Watch out for these mistakes, and you’ll be well on your way to a successful rental experience. 

Using the wrong equipment for the job

If you’re using a piece of equipment for something other than its intended purpose or well beyond its usable life, chances are, you’re falling behind on the task at hand. As the saying goes, “When all you have is a hammer, everything looks like a nail.”

The right tool selection can make the difference between finishing a job on time and coming up short. Take time to understand your needs so you can determine what equipment can satisfy them. And remember, in every industry, from demolition to metal fabrication, new technology is developed every day that improves safety and efficiency. It behooves you to consider those advances as jobs arise. Consulting with experts can go a long way toward helping you make the right selection.

Not being ready

When it comes to rentals, time is money. To get the most out of your equipment, make sure your team and your job site are prepared when it arrives. While this varies from project to project, the goal is always the same: Organize a plan and follow through. 

For instance, it might be a good idea to clear any debris that you know will be in the way on a given job. If you’re renting a power generator, have a fuel plan in motion. Whatever the scenario, tackle what you can in advance to ensure you’re ready to hit the ground running once your equipment is on site. 

Not giving yourself enough time or resources

Murphy’s Law has a hand in any business, but it has a special attraction to construction. Just ask any foreman. Planning can alleviate some of that risk, but it’s impossible to completely eliminate it. Accidents happen. Workers get sick, and before you know it, deadlines are missed. 

The same can happen to any equipment rental. Even if you have the right machines at your disposal, unanticipated downtime can wreak havoc on a project. To prepare for that possibility, estimate how much time you think you need, and add in some more as a buffer. Include some contingency rental funds in your budget, too. Trust us when we say you’ll be glad you did. 

Not having the right manpower

Nothing beats the capability that comes with heavy-duty equipment, but that power is only as effective as the hands that guide it. After all, a forklift can only load as fast as its driver. That means staffing is a key factor in every project, one that should not go overlooked. 

Take training into account when you consider your equipment capabilities. That way, you can be sure that any rental is used to the best of its ability. And with the right education, newly skilled workers can sustain your company’s growth long after the rental is complete. 

Cutting corners

It’s a common scenario in construction: A delay happens somewhere down the line, perhaps a hiccup in a supply chain, and now you’re running behind with looming overtime costs. So, your team picks up the pace. Necessary steps get skipped. Before you know it, someone makes a mistake. 

You want to avoid that at all costs, especially with your rental. Mismanaging equipment can put lives in danger and your overall project in jeopardy. Try to focus on what’s important long term, rather than getting lost in short-term gains. 

Not following safety protocols

When you rent equipment, there’s a strong possibility you and your workers haven’t used it before, so take some time to learn the equipment before diving into the project in question. Make sure your team and whoever is operating the equipment is up to speed on any applicable OSHA requirements. It’s important to us that your rental is a safe one. That’s why Sunbelt Rentals also offers operator safety and training courses that can help meet your needs.  

Together, these potential pitfalls point to one key takeaway: Think ahead. Keep an eye on what’s happening and another on what’s next. Together, that vision will help you anticipate obstacles and respond effectively as they occur. And when you need a hand with equipment, we’re here to help. Find out more today.

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