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Electric scissor lift

Top 10 Most Rented Equipment for Winter

It’s essential to have the right maintenance equipment on site for the winter. No matter if you’re stocking inventory in a warehouse, setting up extensive art or advertisements, managing a retail space, or maintaining healthcare, recreational or commercial facilities, Sunbelt Rentals has everything you need to keep operations running smoothly. For example, if you’re performing renovations or repairs on a building exterior or in an open warehouse, now is a good time to find the most-rented winter equipment to handle any project during the colder months.

Whether you need an electric scissor lift and power tools for ceiling repairs, or forklifts and generators for your warehouse, you’ll achieve consistent productivity and high safety standards when you’re equipped properly. You’ll find the following list consists of versatile options we see most rented for commercial or residential projects.

1. 19-Foot Electric Scissor Lift

Need to reach exterior windows or complete lighting repairs in a small indoor space? A 19-foot Electric Scissor Lift is an excellent option for hard-to-reach spots, both indoors and outdoors. This scissor lift is one of the top machines in the rental industry, and for good reason. It performs securely and efficiently so you can reach difficult areas safely. Plus, it operates with electric power with zero emissions, and it has front-wheel drive with a secure braking system for smooth deceleration.

2. 55-Foot Telehandler Forklift

Are you looking for flexible solutions for your indoor or outdoor facility needs? The 10K 55-Foot Telehandler Forklift combines the advantages of crane and forklift functions and accommodates interchangeable attachments for various projects. Ideal for jobs including tree maintenance or reaching lighting systems, this forklift can handle challenging weather conditions. It has a maximum capacity of 10,000 lbs, and can reach up to 55 feet with exceptional stability.

3. 60-Foot Straight Manlift with JIB

If you need to reach the highest spaces with limited access, like if an area needs immediate maintenance or repairs, the 60-Foot STR Manlift with JIB should be on your list. It provides easy access for tree and building maintenance, landscaping, and event set-up. With this boom lift on your site, complex tasks will be easier to manage and perform.

4. 20kW Diesel Generator

A generator is essential during cold temperatures, unexpected weather changes, and power outages. Our 20kW Diesel Generator is an excellent solution for temporary power and heat, especially for setting up a winter festival or New Year’s Eve Party. It’s quiet, making it ideal for residential applications. Its on-board fuel capacity lasts up to 24 hours, which is perfect for a variety of outdoor settings. This generator is also great for trailer and storage spaces with multiple voltages available plus three-phase power output.

5. 25-26-Foot Electric Scissor Lift

The 25-26-Foot Electric Scissor Lift Narrow is a handy solution for reaching challenging indoor and outdoor spaces in your commercial retail store, manufacturing plant, or warehouse. It is a must-have for a achieving a more straightforward way to access tight corners or narrow spaces that cannot be easily reached with conventional boom or scissor lifts.


This electric scissor lift offers high-angle steering, zero emission electric operation, and provides controls proportionate to various drive and lift functions. Safety boots and harnesses are required for secure and safe operation.

6. 80-Foot Straight Manlift With JIB

For those looking to reach great heights quickly and safely, the 80-Foot STR Manlift with JIB is an exceptionally efficient option that’s perfect for commercial interior renovations or for restoring historic buildings. It reaches its maximum elevation of 80 feet within 70 seconds and has a 130-degree range of articulation, making it ideal for power washing, installations, and other jobs in spaces with limited access. Rent one today for large-scale or industrial repairs, setting up outdoor art displays or other tasks in cold or freezing temperatures.

7. 42-Foot Telehandler Forklift

If you’re setting up a project on rugged terrain or an uneven surface, you need equipment that is versatile and sturdy. The 6K-7K 42-Foot Telehandler Forklift offers several advantages in moderate- to high-reaching spaces. It has a maximum lift capacity up to 7,000 lbs. and a reach of up to 42 feet, making it an excellent choice for handling material and accommodating gear, rental tools, and other inventory you need to clean, maintain, and build in any worksite or facility.

8. Generator Accessories (Mostly Cables and Cam Locs)

Sunbelt Rentals offers a wide range of generators and accessories suitable for everything including healthcare facilities, camping, seasonal storage spaces, bike rental lockers and power tool storage. From towable generators to fuel tanks and gas-powered generators and accessories, you’ll be covered to accommodate various tasks around buildings and structures.

9. 4,000W Narrow Vertical Mast Light Tower

When you need versatile, compact equipment, the 4,000W Narrow Vertical Mast Light Tower is adaptable for various projects, from outdoor structures and live events to large indoor spaces. It features four 1,000-watt lights that can be positioned at desirable angles. This light tower reaches a maximum height of 28 feet and has an impressive 360-degree rotation capability.

10. 56kW Diesel Generator

When you require immediate, emergency support in a healthcare facility or residential building, the 56kW Diesel Generator is a great solution. This generator provides quiet operation and up to a minimum of 24 hours of backup power with multiple voltages. It’s perfect for natural disasters and during a declared state of emergency.


This generator is available for one-week rentals with hours of support when you need to continue urgent repairs or maintain heat and power during an expected outage.



Sunbelt Rentals offers a wide range of essential tool rentals, equipment rentals, and heating and power solutions for various storage spaces, including winter or seasonal storage for jet skis, trailers, snow blowers, building supplies, and a variety of other work and leisure equipment and machinery.

Visit Sunbelt Rentals and inquire about our extensive inventory of machinery and specialized tools for all your manufacturing facilities, installation, landscaping, and related indoor and outdoor projects. Our expert customer service team can provide you with the best options and equipment for your business and operational needs.