Controlling Cool Air Until the Cows Come Home

For dairy producers, climate control is crucial to day-to-day operations. And when a cooling system fails, there’s only a short window of time to restore a safe and stable temperature before gallons go to waste. 

Superior Dairy, the largest independently owned dairy processor in Ohio, faced that predicament in June 2020, when its warehouse experienced a system failure. The facility was used to store vast quantities of milk for a major nationwide grocer, which meant a quick response was critical. 

Our specialists got to work immediately. The customer notified us the morning of June 4, and we set up a walkthrough with the maintenance manager that same day. 

The room in question did not have an exterior wall, so we knew installing a system and transporting equipment would require strategic planning. Then, once we obtained Superior Dairy’s target temperature range, we started designing and implementing a temporary system with a combination of a 100-ton low temperature chiller20-ton low temperature air handling units, a 175-kilowatt generator, a 500-gallon glycol volume tank and other equipment. Together, this system provided the customer with cooling capability that far exceeded typical cooling equipment. 

Working with the customer, we completed setup in three days, and the rental continued for a week. We placed the chiller and tank outside near a truck dock on a flatbed trailer. We placed the air handling units on the second level of the facility to distribute cool air throughout the space with a chiller hose installed through the wall. 

Because a proper temperature range was maintained throughout the process, the customer was able to continue their operations without diverting or moving product. Thanks to the fast and smooth response of our Power & HVAC specialists, no product was lost. 

That’s the power of Sunbelt. 

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