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Retail Cleanliness Linked to Increased Revenue

It’s Sunday morning. Picture yourself walking through a grocery store to tackle all those items needed for breakfasts, lunches, and dinners for a busy week ahead. While you’re walking down the aisle on the tile floor, you notice the wheels of your grocery cart are creating a path between the dust and dirt surrounding your feet. What are your next thoughts?

It wouldn’t be surprising if you second guessed your grocery store choice. You may think to yourself, “if the floors look this filthy, are the products any better?”

The Revenue Behind Cleanliness

As we mentioned in our customer success story, according to ISSA, cleanliness is ranked as the most important element among: lighting, temperature, quietness/ music, and special events. Sixty percent of people said a store’s environment encouraged them to buy more within the last month.

Whether your store has been in business for eight months or eight years, a positive impression of cleanliness is essential for revenue, especially for first-time shoppers. Having a store that is sparkling will not only retain your previous shoppers, but increase the likelihood of return for those first-timers.

For floor care, whether you have ceramic tile, hardwood, laminate, or marble, it is recommended to keep these floors polished. If floor shine makes a bad impression, the entire facility appearance rating can drop as much as 75 percent.

Cleaning Recommendations

Daily floor maintenance should not be neglected, as they not only provide your customers a pleasant shopping experience, but they also prolong the need for replacement. In addition to daily maintenance, extra TLC should be given to keep your rental space spotless.

Facility Maintenance and Cleaning Equipment:

Sunbelt Rentals floor care equipment is ideal for cleaning aisles and walkways. We offer portable, lightweight machines for hard-to-reach places that most equipment can’t get to. Take the step toward increasing your revenue by enhancing your floor’s cleanliness. Click on one of the equipment links below to see more detail about floor care and facility maintenance.


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