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Planning An Event? Use This Safety Checklist

However much we plan, events become more than we bargained for. That’s because there is always another one hanging in the balance. There’s the event you have in mind, and there’s the one you never see coming.

When emergencies happen, you need an actionable plan in place to keep your attendees and vendors safe. Because rentals and event planning go hand-in-hand, we thought we would shed some light on how to expect the unexpected. Below is a checklist to get you started. 

Raise the roof
Summer is an ideal time for outdoor events. Everybody loves the sunshine, and there’s usually a larger turnout as a result. But summer weather can also be a mixed bag. One minute, your guests are enjoying blue skies. The next, they’re fleeing a pop-up thunderstorm. 

There are thousands of weather-related injuries and fatalities every year. Your guests need to be able to seek shelter at a moment’s notice, and whatever structure they find must be stable. 

Our Entertainment Services team can set you up for success with temporary stages and structures to suit your event’s specifications. 

Keep your cool
While temperature can affect how much fun your guests have, it’s also a major safety consideration. Depending on when your event is during the year, your guests could be at risk of heatstroke or hypothermia. 

To avoid a crisis, check the average temperature or weather forecasts well in advance of your event and implement climate control accordingly. Have plenty of water on hand to prevent dehydration, and if you anticipate cold temperatures, set up space heaters well in advance. You can’t control the weather, but you can control airflow. 

Have an exit strategy 
As slim a chance as it may seem, fires and other disasters do occur at special events, and the results can be devastating. When your event has drawn a large crowd, the capacity for panic is that much greater. 

Before the event, develop a fire route and make sure your team and volunteers are appraised of it. That way, they can mobilize immediately and lead crowds to safety while directing emergency responders to where help is needed. 

Our anti-vehicle barriers keep traffic interference at a minimum, so you can maintain control of access points during an emergency. 

Back it up
In large-scale event planning, there’s always a convergence of groups and a pooling of resources, so it’s easy for things to get missed and surprises to happen. But the show must go on, so to speak. If things fall through and the power goes out, you are still responsible for keeping your space safely lit. That’s when a backup generator comes in handy. 

Backups buy you time when you desperately need it. For events, this is critical because time is always an issue. 

Keep a watchful eye
Special events like music festivals bring together all walks of life, and unfortunately, you can’t always count on everyone to be on their best behavior. Plan to work with law enforcement and first responders to make sure your event is in safe hands and review any first aid requirements. 

Outside of that, one way to keep people honest and alert is to let them know they’re being watched. Our security trailers send that message and provide visibility where you need it most. Your guests will find it reassuring, too. 

Set boundaries
Part of keeping an event on track comes from managing the flow of foot traffic and overall crowd control. First-time guests won’t know their surroundings, so tripping hazards and boundaries need to be identified with signage and/or barricades

Furthermore, physical barriers are a natural deterrent that can keep someone from wandering into restricted areas or cutting in line. They also prevent overeager fans from jumping on stage at a concert. When people know their limits, it makes it easier for everyone to have fun. 

Clean up after yourself
Lastly, wherever there are people, there will always be trash. Though a lack of planning can go unnoticed in other areas, a poor trash removal plan is painfully obvious. Depending on the contents, it can also be a safety hazard. That’s why it’s always good to have an abundance of receptacles positioned throughout your event space, and our trash carts make it easy for staff to make the rounds. 

From set-up to take-down, it takes cooperation and a wide range of equipment to make an event possible. If you have one in the works, reach out to us for assistance, or visit one of our stores. Whatever you’re working on, we’ve got you covered. 


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