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Ready For Anything: How To Create A Contingency Plan For Your Business

You can’t always be prepared when disaster strikes, but with a little help, you can strike back. In those cases, a contingency plan is a necessary defense and the first step to ensure you can recover from an emergency scenario fast. 

Helping customers prepare for the unexpected is just one part of the Power of Sunbelt. We’ve supplied equipment and expertise for natural disaster recovery efforts, power outages, and other emergencies. Here are some of our resources for helping you stay on track. 

What is a contingency plan? 

A contingency plan is an organizational process to restore normalcy to operations in the event of an emergency. It’s the backup generator that keeps a business functioning smoothly in hard times. By developing this plan ahead of time, a business can act fast to prevent an emergency from spiraling into a full-fledged shutdown. Rarely is that time available on the back end. 

Every plan is different

Each industry has its own set of risks and essential needs, so it’s important to personalize a contingency plan to the business at hand and have partners in place to fulfill those needs. 

For instance, during a temporary power outage, a frozen foods distributor could require power generation and climate control equipment on the double to keep its inventory safe. Having relationships with trusted suppliers and a working knowledge of your infrastructure can be the difference between thriving or melting under pressure.

We’re here to help

Fires, floods and other disasters happen on their own timeline, but you can take the first step to getting ahead today. At Sunbelt Rentals, we’ve developed an exclusive program to point you in the right direction. 

Our webinar “Contingency Planning: Preparing Your Business for Disaster” is available for free download. In it, we cover all the essentials of assessing and planning for your business’ emergency needs, from industry standards to how to establish your power requirements. 

With an ERP plan in place, and a partner with emergency equipment, engineering knowledge, and expertise, you can change a reactive response to a proactive strategy. If you have any questions about ERP planning, contact our team today! Give us a call at 866-247-2781 or have us reach out to you.


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