COVID and Cycling Water Systems

Reopening a facility? Don’t forget to check your water.

Many of us are taking extra precautions to protect our facilities against COVID-19, but everyday H2O can be just as dangerous if not shown the proper care. If your building has been vacant for an extended period of time, some steps must be taken to keep your occupants safe. 

Ensuring safe air and water quality is a major part of our work at Sunbelt Rentals. Take a look at these pointers for getting your building’s water up and running. 

Perform a mold inspection

Wherever there’s moisture, mold can thrive. Given enough time, it can take over a building and cause health problems to those exposed to it. If your facility has been closed for a significant period of time, conduct a mold inspection as part of your safety protocol. 

Mold can show up on a wide range of surfaces. Leaking pipes can provide a breeding ground over time, so keep an eye out for spots on ceiling tiles, floors, or walls. If you do find mold, locate where the moisture came from and complete the remediation process before allowing re-entry. 

Check your water heater

Other water safety risks aren’t as easily visible as mold and mildew. Legionella and other bacteria can grow in pipes when stagnant water sits in them for too long. Legionella, in particular, can cause a pneumonia-like sickness that can prove fatal.  

Your water heater is your first line of defense against these bacteria, and if your facility has gone neglected, it’s important to verify the working state of your heater to keep your occupants safe.

Start with a review of your model’s instruction manual. Sometimes, if a heater is inactive, bacteria can build up in the tank, so your manufacturer may advise you to drain the heater. Once active, make sure your heater is set to the proper temperature. 

Flush out standing water in pipes

Once your heater is warmed up, then it’s time to flush out the water sitting in your pipes. This is where you turn on each faucet, hose, or shower and let it run until the water is as hot as it can be. Depending on how your facility is oriented, this may need to take place in stages. 

Potable water is essential to safe occupancy, so be sure every tap, shower, and sprinkler head has been flushed before allowing people into your facility. 

Set a maintenance schedule

Mold, bacteria, and other microorganisms are year-round threats. So, when your facility is fully ready, go ahead and create a regular maintenance schedule while you’re already familiar with your system and have the materials in front of you. 

Reopening provides a rare clean slate for your operations. With a little extra forethought, you’ll be prepared for the long run and the opportunity to grow your business

Need a hand with getting your site ready? Sunbelt Rentals has got you covered. Our facility readiness team can walk you through a consultation to ensure you’re on track for a safe reopening. Contact us now to schedule a consultation.




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