Portable air scrubber

Meet the Portable Air Scrubber that Kills 99.9995% of Airborne Viruses & Bacteria

Providing a healthy work environment is more difficult than meets the eye. While it’s important to adequately disinfect the surfaces we touch, air management plays a vital role in preventing the spread of pathogens.

At Sunbelt Rentals, we make it simple for you to keep your facility fresh and clean with the latest equipment. Here’s a quick look at the technology behind our medical air scrubbers.

It all starts with filtration

Bacteria and viruses are notorious for airborne transmission, and many pathogens can live in the air for hours. Proper air circulation and filtration are needed to reduce the risk of disease.

High efficiency air filters (HEPA) are extremely powerful at removing bacteria, viruses, dust pollen and other particles from air. Our SAM-400 model uses a HEPA pre-filter cartridge to collect organisms and other particulate matter larger than 0.3 microns.

Combined with a built-in 360-degree air intake system, this scrubber gathers air from all sides and captures airborne bacteria and viruses, such as the novel coronavirus that causes COVID-19.

Then the magic happens

Filtering is one thing – disinfecting is another. The SAM-400 improves upon HEPA filtration for a more effective, medical-grade clean. 

Inside our scrubbers is a chamber equipped with ultraviolet (UV-C) light technology. This lab-tested process kills up to 99.9995% of airborne pathogens, including mold. Using UV-C light and HEPA filtration, the scrubber can disinfect a room of 800 cubic feet within a half-hour and can operate 24/7.

In addition to eliminating disease-causing microorganisms, the scrubber features a patented carbon substrate that removes odors with ease. Because the scrubber operates without disturbing airflow, it’s a handy option for hospitals, doctor’s offices and other commercial spaces.

Disinfect on the go

The SAM-400 is as portable as it is powerful. Mounted on hospital wheel casters, the SAM-400 is 22” wide and 37” tall, which makes it convenient to rotate from room to room as needed. Once turned on, the scrubber works efficiently, using about as much energy as your typical ceiling fan.

Together, this setup allows for more nimble operation than larger scrubbers.

Say hello to fresh air

Indoor air quality is a critical part of facility maintenance, and Sunbelt Rentals is ready to lead the way. We stock air scrubbers of varying size and application, and we can adapt them to your facility's HVAC systems.

Want to see the SAM-400 in action? Watch our video for a quick overview.

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