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Sunbelt Rentals Designs and Implements Multi-tiered Industrial Bypass System

The Sunbelt Rentals team recently executed multiple bypass systems for one of the nation’s largest brewing companies. Coordinated by a well-known trenchless underground rehab contractor, the project involved three unique bypass systems.  

img_hero_industrial pumps sewer.jpg

The primary bypass included the use of four 12-inch QuietFlow™ sound attenuated diesel trash pumps and 2,000 feet of 18-inch HDPE pipe, along with a discharge manifold to ensure flows were evenly distributed into a splitter box. This bypass setup also included 24/7 pump watch and allowed for the successful relining of the plant’s wastewater system.

Running in tandem with the relining project were two other bypasses. The secondary system utilized submersible pumps to bypass two groundwater sumps located inside of the facility. A process bypass, the discharge was transferred up and out of the basement, across a parking lot and back into the same building, moving down the stairs and into discharge.

The final portion of the extensive bypass system consisted only of pipe, using 4,500 feet of 12-inch HDPE tied into the plant’s piping system.

All told, the bypasses ran for a little more than two months without incident, allowing the plant to upgrade its wastewater system with no impact on production.

In addition to pumping solutions, Sunbelt Rentals was also able to provide all required ancillary equipment, including skid-steers, reach forklifts, heaters, trench shoring, and air compressors, providing an all-in-one, turnkey solution for the contractor.

The scope of work and rental equipment included:

  • Bypass of 2,000 feet of 18-inch HDPE pipe (primary bypass)transfer, a lift station bypass, and construction dewatering

  • Four 12” QuietFlow™ sound attenuated diesel trash pumps

  • One discharge manifold

  • 24/7 pump watch for the duration of the project

  • Two submersible pumps (secondary bypass)

  • Bypass of 4,500 feet of 12-inch HDPE pipe (tertiary bypass, pipe only)

  • Ancillary equipment including skid-steers, reach forklifts, heaters, trench shoring, and air compressor


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