Structural Shoring Systems

When your project includes bridge repairs, building construction, demolition, or other heavy propping, we have you covered. We’re committed to the success of your project and can provide you with quick, easy access to all of the shoring systems you need.

Structural shoring equipment solutions

Sunbelt Rentals provides a range of shoring and propping equipment from light to heavy duty. Leg-load capacities for standard products range from 50,000 lbs. per leg to 250,000 lbs. per leg, and all product-lines include a mechanical (screw) adjustment. For heavier loads, we can provide systems with capacities of up to 490,000 lbs. per leg.

System 160: light duty structural shoring and propping

The modular System 160 light-duty propping system is designed to handle the most demanding jobs, especially if your project includes: needling applications, façade retention during building restoration, and propping. Its high load capacities lower the number of components needed, reducing assembly and disassembly times, and it’s full-range of accessories gives you greater versatility with this system.

Mass 25: light duty structural shoring and propping

Mass 25 is a modular, light-duty propping system offering a 56,000-lb. capacity per leg with a compact 7 in. square section. Components can be used as individual shores or built into towers and trusses using standard components. This system features standard angle, truss, and frame bracing connecting directly to the flanges of the prop units.

Mass 50: medium duty structural shoring and propping system

Mass 50 allows for maximum flexibility with standard components for a wide variety of tower and truss widths. All components provide high capacities and low frame deflections, and adjustable end units are available for modification of both raking and vertical props. Mass 50 components are galvanized so that they can be used near retained structures without fear of rust or staining.

Mat 75/125: medium duty structural shoring and propping system

Our Mat 75/125 system is the industry standard for temporary support and propping of a wide-range of medium to heavy loads. It’s one of the most adaptable medium-duty systems available on the market, and works well for: medium-duty propping, temporary bridge piers, access platforms, bridge support projects, and heavy-duty falsework.

Universal shoring: heavy duty structural shoring and propping system

A one-size-fits-all shoring system doesn’t always work for your project. The versatile Universal system is a high-load system that is strong, adaptable, and easy to assemble, even with difficult site conditions. This system is a cost-effective solution for high load towers and provides the benefits of a modular off-the-shelf system.

Heavy prop: heavy duty structural shoring and propping system

Our heavy-duty structural shoring equipment supports and props heavy loads. This modular, high load structural shoring system supports up to 490 kips on a single prop, which means you can use fewer props per project. Because the system features adjustable head and base units that can be hydraulically preloaded using standard jack units, it’s more flexible than other heavy-duty propping equipment and can be used for vertical, horizontal, bridge jacking, or raking.

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