Using My Account you can create jobsite efficiencies and increase productivity with actionable telematics data.​ 

What is telematics?

Telematics is a way to send and receive digital information, usually over long distances. At Sunbelt, we equip selected fleet with advanced telematics hardware. That hardware then provides us, and you, important information and data about the equipment. This data can be used to remotely monitor equipment and its usage giving you the knowledge to advance productivity like never before.

It’s all in the data

At Sunbelt, we’ve worked with our OEMs and telematics hardware providers to standardize our telematics data feeds and ensure the quality is always top-notch. Our partners must comply with a minimum of the AEMP 2.0 data standard.

Power at your fingertips

My Account is your one-stop-shop to manage your rentals with Sunbelt, including accessing telematics data. We know that easily locating equipment and understanding how you are using it on the jobsite is important. We want to help you maximize your rental time, get the most bang for your buck, and get on to the next project.