Suspended scaffolding on building.

The Advantages of Suspended Scaffolds for High-Rise Access

Introduction to Suspended Scaffold Platforms


Suspended scaffolds (swing stages) are work platforms suspended by wire ropes from a temporary or permanent support system. Suspended Scaffolds are commonly used for exterior access during construction or post construction for building maintenance i.e., restoration, painting, waterproofing.

Swing stages are operated with an electric our air powered motor and with fixed and modular platforms of varying lengths and capacities.

This article will overview the features and advantages of using suspended platforms in medium to high-rise buildings.


Suspended scaffolding on building with covering.


The Advantages of Using Suspended Scaffolds (Swing Stages) for Accessing High-Rise Buildings


You'll find numerous benefits when you integrate swing stages as your method of access when working on the exterior of buildings:

  • Swing stages have several safety features that allow for increased safety when working at height
  • Swing stages offer improved versatility and can be customized to meet the needs of your project, including unique building shapes and structures.
  • Allow for workers to reach difficult areas and complete tasks efficiently.
  • Swing stages are easy to assemble, move and disassemble, which saves time and money, especially on large-scale construction projects.


Key Factors to Consider When Choosing Suspended Platform Scaffolding


When you choose the right suspended platform for your project, it’s essential to assess the following to determine which type of system is a good fit:

  • The type of work being done off the platforms
  • Capacity and work area required.
  • Building configuration
  • Environmental factors such as wind that may affect the installation and/or use of swing stages
  • Rigging options for the support system
  • Budget and schedule




Swing stages offer a safe, efficient, and cost-effective access solution for many applications. Sunbelt Rentals offers a broad range of suspended products, and our access specialists can assist in determining the right system for you. Contact Sunbelt Rentals today to request a quote.