Four Important Vendors Involved in Wrapping a Large Structure

Choreographing the installation of a large structure wrap is no small feat. It requires proper measurements, planning, and vendors.  And while the final product is often seen as the masterpiece, the assembly of the wrap is one in of itself. 

We saw this firsthand when we partnered with the PGA and the Local Heritage Class Foundation in Hilton Head Island, S.C., to wrap the iconic Harbour Town lighthouse in plaid — in honor of the 50th anniversary of the RBC Heritage Classic golf tournament back in April.

This was the first time anything like this had been done to the iconic lighthouse, and it took a team of vendors to cover the structure in more than half a mile of removable vinyl.

The result looked so good, the plan is to keep it there until the fall — a full six months after the big event that inspired the plaid transformation in the first place.  

If you’re eyeing a similar project, there are four important vendors to enlist. Here’s the breakdown.

A vinyl manufacturer

Finding a company that specializes in vinyl manufacturing is the first step in turning your vision of a wrapped structure into a reality. For the lighthouse project, ORAFOL Americas, Inc., a Georgia-based company specializing in industrial tapes, manufactured the vinyl for the wrapping and got the project off on the right foot.

A global print fulfillment company

Your next step is to find a company that can print your desired image or pattern on your vinyl. It’s important to work with a specialist to minimize the chances of the vinyl being ruined and, worst case, having to start over. With the Harbour Town lighthouse, project organizers enlisted the help of the Kennickell Group, which brought that vibrant red plaid to life.

A decal and vinyl installation company

Once you have your vinyl printed, you’re ready to install. For that, you need a trusted decal and vinyl company. These professionals can ensure your structure is wrapped with the utmost quality and care. In Hilton Head, Who Did That Inc., a professional decal and vinyl installation company, were brought in to complete this part of the process. But before they could begin, they needed to find the right equipment for the job.  

An equipment rental company

The last part to a seamless installation is securing the equipment that will allow you to apply the vinyl safely and efficiently. In the case of the lighthouse, that’s where we came in. We started with an on-site consultation, followed by a thorough assessment of what equipment would work given the site and space constraints. There were trees to navigate, a delicate sea wall to consider and a 360-degree wrap to plan for. But that’s what you need when tackling a project of this size and scope — attention to detail, a thorough assessment of all factors at play and, ultimately, follow-through. Our sales representative was on site the day the Sunbelt Rentals equipment was delivered to ensure everything went according to plan.  

Wrapping a large structure takes a team effort. But with the proper vendors in place, you can ensure your end result comes together, safely and flawlessly, to create something truly memorable. 



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