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Temporary structure becomes safe environment for meetings or lunch breaks.

Challenges Faced by Manufacturers Due to COVID-19

Construction sites and manufacturing companies have encountered many challenges since the beginning of COVID-19 While some companies slowed production or paused developments for a period, other production may increase with significant accommodations, including social distancing and health precautions.

  • Temporary structures offer advantages for social distancing.
  • Modified spaces for lunch breaks, workstations, and meetings.
  • Reassessment of your site by project managers and engineers with a site plan.
  • Alternative options to store equipment and materials temporarily.

As a whole, the industry faced several major challenges during this time, which impacted supply chain demands, more storage space, and decisions on postponing or continuing certain operations.

Due to the unexpected nature of COVID-19, Sunbelt Rentals quickly adapted to the needs of the construction industry to improve and continue providing essential services to support production, companies, and staff.


The Challenge of New Demands


When some construction sites experience an increase in demand, they face fewer raw materials, which can impact operations. With severe delays in the supply chain, many companies had to scale back on production and find storage solutions for construction equipment and machinery.

  • What happens when temporary building space becomes limited?
  • Higher demand for additional storage and extended space for existing equipment.
  • Facing uncertain times and how to navigate when and where they can access or use machinery and tools.
  • Slowing or stopping some production lines while increasing others to focus on current demands.

Sunbelt Rentals faced the unexpected situation of resolving issues for many companies, including offering much-needed temporary tents and modular buildings for a construction project. We give you more options to meet constantly changing demands and needs during uncertain times.

While construction firms arranged for storage, many other steps were involved in the process, including renting on-site fabric structures and completing a temporary structure permit application. The experts at Sunbelt Rentals offered support through every stage of the process, from finding affordable storage solutions to designing temporary structures for social distancing and modified workspaces.


Production Continuity During COVID-19


When faced with creating a site in compliance with social distancing, Sunbelt Rentals provided temporary structures and semi-permanent buildings for industrial and construction applications. These structures can range from tents and shelters to sizable warehouses and buildings. Where semi-permanent buildings are already in place, extensions and additional structures can be installed to accommodate health and safety needs.

During colder months and harsh weather, Sunbelt Rentals offer steel frames and highly durable structures to allow for adequate distance between workers while providing a climate-controlled environment. These top-quality units offer a design that can be customized for HVAC units, secure doors, and garage openings for the storage of vehicles and large machinery.


A Renewed Focus on Safety in the Workplace


The construction industry is always focused on health and safety. At the onset of COVID-19, the manufacturing industry had to review all safety requirements, in addition to new guidelines, which included changes to maximum occupancy, clear access to the egress, and making all necessary changes in compliance with new, up-to-date laws pertaining to health and fire safety.

As masks became mandatory, construction sites provided the necessary personal protection equipment to accommodate these additional safety concerns while keeping personnel safe and productive.


Social Distancing During Lunch and Breaks


Many changes were made to keep personnel safe during COVID-19, including modifying break areas to maintain the minimum distance and winterizing tents to provide additional space for breaks and lunch. Visitors to work sites were minimized or delayed, and arrangements to discuss business or attend meetings could be set up virtually or in smaller groups on-site.

One of the biggest challenges in managing worksites in a densely populated area was controlling traffic flow in and around construction projects, signage to remind people about personal safety and social distancing, and educating workers on their rights and responsibilities on the job. Sunbelt Rentals offers extensions and differently structured temporary spaces to accommodate smaller groups and more frequent breaks and meetings throughout the workday.

With the implementation of temporary-use trailers and break tents, workers have a greater opportunity to remain on-site and prevent unnecessary delays. These structures offer greater safety and care during a health crisis and uncertain production expectations.


Storage Limitations


There are only so many storage space options available. During the pandemic, a sharp increase in demand only made it more difficult for construction and industrial companies to store unused equipment and machinery during a pause in production. When the option for investing in a permanent structure for storage is too expensive, renting a safe, reliable storage building is a great alternative for temporary space.

During this uncertain time, Sunbelt Rentals offered and continues to provide many options for a growing need for storage space.


What Can Sunbelt Rentals Provide for Your Company?


Sunbelt Rentals offers many services for construction, industrial, and special events. We offer a full range of consulting for your unique application. These include structures for outdoor festivals, extended manufacturing projects, and construction sites. We support everything you need, including:

  • Access to top brands and services for your industry.
  • Full installation, maintenance services, and on-site repairs.
  • Consulting with project managers who offer everything you need to prepare for the next development.
  • Budget-friendly solutions that are affordable for any size or operation.

Our team of professionals are ready to help, whether you’re looking for specific items to rent for an upcoming project or require a full range of temporary structures, equipment, and services to support your application from start to finish. Sunbelt Rentals’ project managers offer everything you need to prepare for your next big development without going over your budget or investing in expensive equipment.

Our rental experts will give you the tools you need to create a safe, productive, and affordable job site for short-term and long-term projects. Whether you require repairs, maintenance, or new options, you’ll find many great solutions and ongoing support during your project’s development. Contact Sunbelt Rentals Temporary Structures experts today.