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Fabric building

Fabric Building Flooring: Which Material is Best for Your Needs?

One of the most important components of temporary fabric structures is flooring. There are various options to consider, including the type of flooring style, durability, and the surface beneath the structure.

While some fabric buildings can be easily set up on the natural ground without flooring, structures installed on uneven surfaces or in areas prone to heavy rains require a more stable foundation.


When Flooring Is Necessary for a Temporary Structure


When you assess the location and type of project, a fabric building can be set up directly on the surface. Choosing the right floor for your tent is essential if the terrain is unstable or uneven.

You’ll find many durable materials, such as vinyl, steel, and wood, to maintain a sturdy, stable foundation for your temporary structure.


The Benefits of Temporary Flooring Applications


What purpose does flooring provide? Whether you install vinyl tiles or wood floors, your structure must offer protection from natural elements, such as strong winds, sun, rain, and extreme temperature changes.

There are significant benefits to installing a flooring option for tension fabric structures:

  • They provide coverage for uneven ground.
  • Flooring can be customized to fit any tent, fabric structure, or design.
  • It provides a professional-looking finish that is ideal for trade shows and special events.
  • They offer protection from snow and rain, so you can provide shelter and continue specific projects with minimal delays.


Different Types of Temporary Structure Flooring


When you decide to install flooring for your fabric structure, there are various materials and flooring styles to choose from based on the type of project, temporary building, and terrain on which you want to build. It’s crucial to review all possible risks, including neighboring areas, the condition of the ground, and weather changes.

Flooring is critical for protection against natural elements and an excellent opportunity to create a high-quality, finished appearance that will impress visitors inside the completed structure for trade shows, business conferences, and related events. When you set temporary flooring for portable structures, you must realize it cannot be completely sealed to the ground. However, it provides a protective layer, which should be well secured with adhesive and a strong steel frame or similar foundation.

Do you plan to construct an outdoor shelter in the winter when there’s snow and cold temperatures? Even with changing weather, during the rainy spring season or high heat, the ground can shift or change, impacting the strength of your fabric structure. Flooring helps seal against these elements and protects the interior from mud, rain, and snow.


Building a Temporary Structure in the Snow


When you build a fabric structure that must be sustainable during the winter season, it’s essential to choose materials, a steel frame, and highly durable equipment and flooring that can handle a heavy snow load and cold temperatures.

When you consult with the flooring experts at Sunbelt Rentals, you’ll find many great options that will keep your structure, walls, and interior protected while guarding against the cold weather outdoors.

One of the significant advantages of flooring installation is that you won’t need to prepare the ground beforehand, especially if the surface is even. Our team of professionals can provide high-grade materials and brands to provide excellent protection and a great appearance.


Modular Wood Floors and Hexadeck or ExpoDeck Flooring


If you’re looking for floors ideal for multiple-purpose structures, modular wood flooring is a great option. They are versatile for modular buildings and storage spaces for trade shows and event presentations.

Wood flooring is versatile in pairing well with aesthetic fabric covers, such as carpets or vinyl or plastic covers. These aesthetic options provide a visual impression perfect for various functions, whether you’re hosting meetings for an upcoming development or an art show.

These modular flooring options are highly durable and can also handle significant weight without dents or cracks in the foundation. It’s a great way to create the appearance of a conventional building and make a professional impression.


Thermo-Plastic Flooring


This type of flooring is perfect for surfaces made of asphalt or gravel. Thermo-plastic flooring offers a more finished appearance that can accommodate a carpet or similar covering for aesthetics. It’s a lightweight option that allows for a small amount of space that promotes the drainage of rainwater beneath so that your structure keeps dry and stable.


Industrial Flooring Applications


Industrial-strength flooring is essential for temporary buildings designed to accommodate large vehicles, forklifts, and heavy machinery for a construction site.

Bravo-Zulu industrial flooring is an example of a sturdy foundation that can handle everything from pick-up trucks and construction vehicles to machines and workstations. These structures can sometimes be adapted as helicopter landing zones or stations for military vehicle maintenance.

This flooring option is among the most durable and ideal for any project requiring the storage of heavy items. It’s a convenient option, as it can be installed directly on a construction site and minimize the need for transportation and off-site storage.


Choosing the Right Flooring for Your Temporary Fabric Structure


When you select a flooring option for your temporary structure, reviewing all the materials, sizing, and modifications you’ll need with a Sunbelt Rentals expert is essential.

We offer a great selection of flooring options, amenities, ceiling materials, and more for your construction project. When you work closely with our team of experts, you’ll have access to our professional services for all your flooring needs.

In addition to offering a wide range of flooring styles and materials, we start the planning process by choosing the right solution and preparing for installation, maintenance, tear-down, and removal.




Contact our specialized team of flooring professionals to get started on your following temporary fabric structure. We’ll provide all the information you’ll need and help you find the ideal temporary buildings and tent structures for your new development or construction site.