Why Rent?

Buying equipment is expensive, and the cost of operations can begin to increase if you aren’t carefully monitoring your spending. There are many benefits of renting equipment, and they manifest in different ways depending on the industry. The 3 most common reasons to rent include:

  1. Reduced overhead costs
  2. Industry expertise
  3. Flexibility & customization

Reduced overhead costs

Reduced overhead costs can lead to savings. If your inventory reflects both owned equipment and rented equipment, renting can be an advantage. If you own fewer pieces of equipment, there’s no need to invest in a large storage space – saving yourself money.

Due to fewer storage costs associated with your budget, you should keep track of rented equipment within an allotted amount of time. This can help you schedule the same space to be used for many different types of equipment based on delivery.

When upgrading your equipment, renting is a great recommendation prior to owning. During the rental period, you can test the equipment of interest before committing. Your rental equipment should come with a worry-free guarantee, assuring the tools are serviced and properly maintained.

Moreover, repairs and maintenance costs are reduced. Our team handles the wear and tear over the lifetime of the equipment’s usability so your focus can be geared elsewhere. Without spending on storage, repair, or maintenance, your budget has room to flex.

Industry expertise

From an equipment recommendation to the advisory of usage – Sunbelt Rentals offers industry specialization to support your business goals.

For instance, safety is a core value for our team. We want our customers to complete their work safely, regardless of their expertise. Safety knowledge, instructions for proper use of equipment, and trainings are offered for operators of our equipment, including boom lifts, forklifts, and earth moving equipment.

Our experts provide industry knowledge that may be cross-functional for different locations or events. For managers of large facilities, this can come in handy for creating cost efficiencies. For event planners, tool recommendations that worked for similar events can take the decision-making process down a step.

Flexibility & customization

One of the core values Sunbelt Rentals can provide is the flexibility to change at a moment’s notice. For a specific project, once inventory of available owned tools is taken, we can offer our fleet of equipment to fill any gaps on a case-by-case basis. Equipment renting is a strategic way to accomplish a specific need once or twice a year.

Flexibility also means that renting allows for seasonal, temporary, or specialized work. Golf courses can rent equipment based on seasons they most need it, whereas indoor sports arenas may only rent based on the size of an upcoming event.

Renting your equipment reduces overhead costs, gives you industry expertise, and allows you flexibility and customization. Check out our wide array of tools to discover your next equipment rental.



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