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The Top 3 Reasons to Use My Account

My Account is a key component of and is designed to allow you to efficiently manage all your equipment rentals. When your company is expanding, and downtime is scarce, My Account can help organize and prioritize your projects, orders, equipment, and invoices.

Quickly order equipment

Our Quick Rent button allows you to quickly find assets that you have rented in the past or have selected as a favorite, and easily add them to your rental cart. Three tabs display under the Quick Rent button: Frequent Orders, Recent Orders, and Favorite Items. Frequent orders are items that were most frequently ordered in the past 12 months, displayed from most ordered to least ordered. Recent orders are the items that have most recently been ordered and are grouped to make it easy to find associated rentals.

Manage equipment and job sites

With the My Account Jobs & Equipment feature, you can add or maintain active or inactive job sites, provide delivery instructions and comments, update purchase order numbers or contact information, request a service call, and view detailed information including equipment on rent.

Pay invoices

The easily accessibly Invoices tab allows you to view all your invoices. You can also make a payment by selecting from current invoices and pay online via ACH or credit card.

The use of My Account can reduce your downtime by helping you deal with unexpected requests by easily and instantly placing your equipment order online.  In addition, this application allows you to eliminate rental overages with the ability to take equipment immediately off-rent. Maximize your on-rent unit(s), prevent unnecessary ordering, and maximize your downtime by logging into the My Account app today!



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